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Smart Prevention – Health Care Cost Savings Resulting from the
Targeted Use of Dietary Supplements
Frost & Sullivan Report

This economic report demonstrates that the use of specific dietary supplements among those consumers that are at a high risk of experiencing a costly disease-related event can lead to a positive health care cost savings.

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About the methodology

Preventive intake levels explained


Dietary Supplements Dietary Supplements for Smart Prevention Chromium PicolinateChromium Picolinate Supplements for Diabetes-Attributed CHD
Omega-3Omega-3 supplements and coronary heart disease Vitamin BVitamin B supplements and coronary heart disease
Lutein and ZeaxanthanLutein and Zeaxanthin Dietary Supplements and Age Related Eye Disease MagnesiumMagnesium Dietary Supplements and Osteporosis
PhytosterolsPhytosterol Supplements and CHD PsylliumPsyllium Supplements and CHD
Calcium & Vitamin DCa

Press Releases

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Additional Resources

Webinar presentation of key findings by CRNF president Steve Mister and Frost & Sullivan economist Chris Shanahan

Summary article in industry trade magazine in English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish
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