Press: Contact CRN for information and insights on supplements

Writing a story on wellness, dietary supplements, or the supplement industry? 

Make the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) your go-to for science-based background and commentary.

CRN can help with you with stories requiring:

  • Understanding of how dietary supplements and nutrients work in the body
  • Dietary supplement industry data and statistics
  • Data on consumer use of supplements trending over 20 years:
    • What are they taking?
    • Who takes what—and why?
    •  …and more
  • Context, deep background, and history—we’ve led the industry for 50 years
  • Regulatory information

CRN is your source for the science behind the supplements.

Contact Jeff Ventura Vice President, Communications /

Craig Muckle Director, Communications / 202-204-7665 /

We provide commentary and insights on:

  • Safety, efficacy, and proper use of supplements
  • Recently-published research and emerging science
  • Innovation in the marketplace
  • Evaluating supplement ingredients and companies—how to choose wisely
  • Legislation affecting dietary supplements—at state, federal, and international levels
  • Regulation and FDA/FTC actions

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) is the leading industry association representing dietary supplement and functional food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers.

Our member companies produce a large portion of the dietary supplements marketed in the U.S. and globally–popular national brands and store brands marketed by major supermarkets, drug stores, discount chains, natural food stores, and mainstream direct selling companies.

CRN’s team includes toxicologists, a naturopathic doctor, attorneys, government relations professionals, and regulatory specialists. We work every day to make the supplement industry better, safer, and more responsive to the consumers who count on dietary supplements to support their wellness.