Self-regulation can be defined as the process whereby an industry monitors its own self-adherence to legal, ethical or safety standards. 

In the case of the dietary supplement industry, self-regulation does not replace the need for companies to follow the myriad regulations and laws governing the industry. Instead, self-regulation complements and enhances government regulation. 

CRN members voluntarily adhere to a strong code of ethics and dosage recommendations as well as voluntary guidelines and best practices.  

CRN is also involved in several self-regulatory initiatives including an industry-wide dietary supplement product registry (The Supplement OWL) and encourages stakeholders to work with the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus to help ensure supplement ads are truthful and not misleading.

In addition, CRN was a participant in the SIDI Work Group, whose expert volunteers developed guidelines as tools for the dietary supplement industry.

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