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Office of the President

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Steve Mister, Esq., CAE
President & CEO
202-204-7676 /


Tammie Betway.jpg

Tammie Betway
Director of Administration
202-204-7670 /


Gretchen Powers
Vice President, Marketing and Member Experience
202-204-7682 /


Craig Muckle
Senior Director, Communications
202-204-7665 /


Elise Hall
Communications Associate

Finance & Administration

Marc Rucker, MBA, CAE
Vice President, Finance & Administration
202-204-7673 /

Government Relations

Julia Gustafson
Vice President, Government Relations
202-204-7690 /


Michael Meirovitz
Director, Government Relations
202-204-7699 /


Daniel Garza
Government Relations and Legal Associate


Megan Olsen
Senior Vice President and General Counsel 
202-204-7672 / 



Carl Hyland
Vice President, Membership Development
202-204-7674 /


Maya English
Senior Director, Membership, Education & Events
202-204-7687 /


Angelo Schildhauer
Membership Database Manager

Scientific, Regulatory & International Affairs

Andrea Wong.jpg

Andrea Wong, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs
202-204-7660 /


Jim Griffiths.jpg

James C. Griffiths, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, International & Scientific Affairs
202-204-7662 /


Luke G. Huber, N.D., MBA
Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs
202-204-7656 /


Haiuyen Nguyen.jpg

Haiuyen Nguyen
Vice President, Regulatory & Nutrition Policy
202-204-7669 /

Erin Storer
Manager, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs
202-204-7675 /


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