CRN Committees: Make the most of your membership

Stay updated and help shape the industry

CRN members have a voice in shaping the dietary supplement industry through our standing committees, as well as working groups, task forces, and subcommittee, as we share ideas and develop solutions.

Standing Committees

CRN committees provide a platform for representatives within CRN member companies to discuss issues most relevant to their companies and to the supplement industry as a whole. Participation in a committee represents the best way for members to be active within CRN and to receive the most value from their membership. The following are standing committees which communicate on a regular basis:  

CRN members can sign up for most of our groups via the Committee Preferences on our member portal or by contacting CRN staff. For other groups not listed on the portal or if you have questions, please contact Gretchen Powers, VP Marketing & Member Experience (

Working Group, Task Forces and Subcommittees

CRN forms working groups, task forces and subcommittees to address specific issues, often with the goal of a specific outcome or deliverable, for example, developing self-regulatory initiatives or responding to specific calls for comments. Separate from CRN’s standing committees, they may require additional funding levels and participation commitment. The Committee Preferences area of our member portal is where members can sign up for these groups, along with committees. Members can also contact CRN staff to be added.

Learn more about CRN standing committees 

Communications, Marketing, and Media Outreach Committee

Chair: Kim Drabik
Staff Liaison: Jeff Ventura

The Communications, Marketing, and Media Outreach Committee (CMMOC) is comprised of member company in-house representatives with an expertise in communications, public relations, media relations, social media, marketing, and market research and an interest in helping shape CRN’s communications and outreach programs. The CMMOC addresses issues of importance to the industry, with a particular focus on communications strategies and tactics. In addition, committee members are actively apprised of scientific studies before they are released, are involved in handling potential crisis communication situations as they unfold, and work cooperatively as colleagues to promote and defend the industry to a variety of audiences, including media and consumers. The committee typically meets virtually about eight times a year and holds an annual in-person meeting, WellComms


Finance (by invitation only)

Chair: Chris Reid, Plexus Worldwide (CRN Treasurer) 
Staff Liaison: Marc Rucker
The Finance Committee is composed of five members of the Board of Directors (by invitation only) and is chaired by CRN’s elected Treasurer. In addition to providing Board-level review of CRN’s monthly financial statements, the committee examines opportunities for more effective financial management of the association, recommending new sources of revenue, areas for potential cost savings and strategies for more efficient use of the association’s resources. The committee also provides oversight of CRN’s investment portfolio in its reserve fund. The committee meets by video conference approximately every other month.


Government Relations Committee 

Chair: Ingrid Lebert, Pharmavite
Staff Liaison: Julia Gustafson

The Government Relations Committee (GRC) is composed of CRN members interested in legislative and government affairs.  The committee is a must for those who have or want a lobbying presence in Washington, D.C. and the states or wish to be involved with federal and state policy and politics. The GRC is also a forum for the exchange of timely and useful legislative information, as well as discussions on coordinated efforts with external industry groups and like-minded coalitions. The group engages with elected officials, key staff, Congressional committees and other stakeholders. In addition, CRN’s GRC works in coordination with the Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus, the primary educational venue for legislators and staff on Capitol Hill, and plans CRN’s annual advocacy effort – Day on the Hill.  The Committee convenes regularly via conference calls. 


Health Care Practitioner Forum

Chair: Aaron Bartz, Ortho Molecular Products
Vice Chair: Andrew Halpner, Nestle Health Science
Staff Liaisons: Luke Huber & Ed Wyszumiala

The Health Care Practitioner Forum (HCPF) is focused on meeting the needs of CRN members who serve the practitioner dietary supplement channel. The HCPF centers on the scientific, regulatory, legal, and advocacy topics of interest to the practitioner market.


International Trade & Market Development Committee

Co-Chairs:  Daniel Tracy, NuSkin and Oliver Chen, Church and Dwight
Staff Liaison: Jim Griffiths

The International Trade and Market Development Committee (ITMDC) is comprised of member-company representatives with an interest in how international affairs shape the dietary supplement market.  The group both initiates and directs CRN activities in the international regulatory arena, including the Codex Alimentarius Commission and its various committees, the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the European Commission’s (EC) directives and major international initiatives relevant to dietary supplements and activities of the International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations (IADSA). The ITMDC focuses on tariffs, lists of approved ingredients, setting rational, science-based maximum limits for vitamins and minerals, and protection of the food-drug borderline issue. The Committee holds virtual meetings as needed.

Chair: Taneesha Routier, XYMOGEN
Staff Liaison: Megan Olsen

The Legal Committee is comprised of attorneys who are either in-house counsel for CRN’s voting member companies, or CRN associate members (i.e., outside counsel who are not CRN members may not participate in this committee). The Legal Committee discusses legal issues of interest to the dietary supplement and functional food industry, such as class-action lawsuits; FTC and FDA regulatory and enforcement actions; opportunities to join amicus briefs; significant legal cases impacting the industry; and, related topics raised by CRN members or CRN staff. The committee primarily meets by conference call on an as-needed basis. 

Membership Committee (by invitation only)

Chair: Bruce Brown, Kerry
Staff Liaisons: Gretchen Powers, Ed Wyszumiala

The Membership Committee is a small group of dedicated representatives from CRN member companies who seek to strengthen the industry by strengthening CRN. Committee members seek out other responsible company colleagues to encourage membership in CRN. By building CRN’s membership, committee members have an opportunity to make a contribution to the association, thereby positively impacting the industry as a whole. The committee meets by virtual meetings several times a year.

Regulatory Affairs Committee

Co-Chairs: Jennifer Bone, Nutrafol (Unilever) & Bill Turney, Kerry Taste and Nutrition
Staff Liaisons: Andrea Wong & Haiuyen Nguyen
The Regulatory Affairs Committee (RAC) includes CRN members with shared expertise in quality control, R&D, regulatory and scientific affairs. The committee provides input and oversight of CRN’s regulatory activities, such as developing comments for—and liaising with—regulatory agencies, including FDA, FTC, and USDA. The RAC meets bi-monthly by virtual meetings. 


Retailer Relations Forum (by invitation only)

Chair: Chuck Tacl, Mason Vitamins
Staff Liaison: Steve Mister 

CRN’s Retailer Relations Forum (RRF) is open (by invitation only) to the senior sales and customer officers from CRN member companies that market finished dietary supplements and functional food to mass retailers in the chain drug, grocery, box store, and club venues. Forum members may include both marketers of branded products and contract manufacturers who manufacture store brand products for these customers. The Retailer Relations Forum provides opportunities for their senior sales executives of member companies to stay up-to-date on regulatory and sector developments that will impact their business, to keep abreast of retailer priorities, upcoming retailer initiatives, and requirements and expectations retailers have for the supplement and functional food categories. It also encourages these executives to become CRN brand ambassadors to the retail trade by helping to promote CRN’s initiatives to retailers in the context of their own brand image and alignment with our activities. 


Senior Scientific Advisory Council (limited)

Chair:  Deshanie Rai, OmniActive 
Vice Chair:  Alex Eapen, Cargill
Staff Liaison:  Andrea Wong
The Senior Scientific Advisory Council (SSAC) consists of scientific officers in member companies who have volunteered to advise the CRN staff and the Board of Directors on major scientific issues. The main role for the SSAC is to assist with the development and implementation of CRN’s scientific strategy. The SSAC also advises CRN on issues such as the program for CRN’s annual scientific symposium, Science in Session, proposals for other scientific meetings, ongoing staff scientific projects, and effective responses to new challenges presented by scientific publications, scientific policies and programs by government agencies. Participation is recommended for senior science executives who direct the science agenda in their companies. Virtual meetings are held quarterly and the SSAC meets in person once per year in conjunction with Science in Session.  

Learn more about CRN working groups, task forces and subcommittees

Working groups and task forces are formed to address specific issues under each topic, often with the goal of a specific outcome or deliverable, for example, developing self-regulatory initiatives or responding to specific calls for comments.

Certificate of Free Sale Task Force

The “Certificate of Free Sale Task Force” (hereafter CFS Task Force) will be designing a CRN CFS, identifying two (2) foreign countries for a beta test, refining the CRN CFS (if needed) on lessons learned, recommending a step-wise increase in countries to be engaged, and estimating resources for a full-fledged CRN CFS program. 


Consumer Survey Advisory Committee (by invitation)

Staff Liaison: Jeff Ventura

The Consumer Survey Advisory Committee, a subgroup of the Communications, Marketing and Media Outreach Committee (CMMOC), includes market research, marketing, and communications executives at member companies interested in research about U.S. consumers’ usage of dietary supplements. The Advisory Committee, which is responsible for assembling the annual CRN survey questionnaire, ensures that the survey will uncover the most important information relevant to supplement consumers, including which supplements they take and how often, why they take supplements, where they purchase them, and more. The Advisory Committee meets via email and for a series of conference calls in June and July before the survey is fielded in August by a third-party market research firm. Space is limited on this subcommittee and interested members are encouraged to reach out to Brian Wommack for details.


Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) Subcommittee

Staff Liaison: Haiuyen Nguyen

The DGA Subcommittee develops a strategy for CRN to participate in the process and development of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the national nutrition policy published every 5 years by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).  The Subcommittee also guides the development of CRN comments submitted throughout the Dietary Guidelines process.  Interested members should contact their Senior Scientific Advisory Council representative.


Digital Marketing Campaigns Subcommittee

The Digital Marketing Campaigns Subcommittee, affectionately called DigiMc'S, is scheduled to convene five times annually with the objective of crafting and deploying digital advertising campaigns aimed at enhancing the visibility of our industry. These initiatives will also address and correct any misconceptions held by consumers or the media regarding our member companies. In addition to these targeted digital campaigns, the subcommittee will create social media toolkits for distribution among our members. These resources are designed to facilitate the generation of positive messaging within our respective markets, as well as on a national level. 


Government Relations State Subcommittee

Chair:  Deana Lykins, Haleon
Staff Liaisons:  Julia Gustafson, Emily Lewantowicz

The Government Relations State Subcommittee (GRSS) is a subcommittee of the GRC.   The subcommittee is focused on gathering and sharing information on key state issues with potential impact on the supplement industry, as well as any corresponding bills which may require industry participation/intervention.  Because most of the subcommittee’s work is centered on preparedness for state activities, there is also a strong focus on developing methods for sharing legislative news with the CRN membership.  The subcommittee meets on an ad hoc basis and is vital for any CRN member company executive charged with tracking state legislation.


Gummy Form Task Force

Staff Liaisons: Haiuyen Nguyen & Andrea Wong

The Gummy Form Task Force will examine the unique aspects of gummy delivery forms, to consider possible voluntary guidelines or best practices for these products, and to serve as a conduit for potential collaboration with FDA as it considers a regulatory approach to this issue. All CRN members are welcome to participate in the Task Force.


NDI Working Group

Staff Liaison: Haiuyen Nguyen                                    

The ad hoc NDI Working Group is a part of the larger Regulatory Affairs Committee that specifically focuses on developing CRN’s strategy and position with regard to FDA’s policy on New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) Notifications. The Working Group meets on an as-needed basis by virtual meeting to discuss CRN comments and recommendations to FDA on issues related to NDIs.  All CRN members are welcome to participate in the Working Group. 


Probiotics+ Working Group

Chair: Jeremy Bartos, MeriCal
Staff Liaisons: Andrea Wong & Jim Griffiths 

The Probiotics+ Working Group monitors/responds to media coverage of the probiotic category, and keeps members engaged and updated on issues such as FDA’s position on labeling probiotic quantity, retailer standards for probiotic products, the Codex proposal on probiotics, and the Lactobacillus taxonomy change. The Working Group has developed best practices for labeling, stability testing, and storage and handling recommendations, as well as a retailer education campaign. The Working Group meets on an as-needed basis by virtual meeting. All CRN members are welcome to participate in the Working Group.


Self-Regulation Review Working Group

Staff Liaison: Haiuyen Nguyen

The Self-Regulation Review Working Group (SRWG) will review CRN’s existing voluntary guidelines and best practices, specify criteria for prioritization, and determine order of guidelines to undergo reassessment. 


Sports Nutrition Working Group

Staff Liaisons: Luke Huber & Ed Wyszumiala
Chair: Adam Branfman, Nestle Health Science
Vice Chair: Samantha Clayton, Herbalife Nutrition

The Sports Nutrition Working Group is for CRN members who provide sports and fitness dietary supplements, functional foods, and ingredients as well as the associate members who support them. This group discusses topics related to scientific, regulatory, legislative, and other stakeholder issues surrounding the role of dietary supplements in sports nutrition.  

Toxicology Subcommittee

Staff Liaisons:  Andrea Wong & Jim Griffiths 

The Toxicology Subcommittee is part of the larger Senior Scientific Advisory Council that addresses scientific and regulatory issues related to the safety of dietary ingredients, dietary supplements, and functional foods.  The group explores topics such as safety considerations for NDIs and GRAS ingredients, assessing the safety of multi-ingredient formulations, drug-herb interactions, and other emerging toxicological issues.  The Subcommittee meets on an as-needed basis by virtual meeting and holds workshops on topics of interest to members. Interested members should contact their Senior Scientific Advisory Council representative.


USP/AOAC Subcommittee 

Staff Liaison: Jim Griffiths
The USP/AOAC Subcommittee is a part of the larger Regulatory Affairs Committee that specifically focuses on US Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) General Chapters and ingredient/product monographs that appear in the USP, National Formulary (NF) and Food Chemicals Codex (FCC). The Subcommittee also monitors analytical methods development for dietary ingredients by AOAC International. Understanding the issues, from both the industry perspective, as well as how USP and AOAC processes work, allows CRN to more effectively communicate and seek industry resolutions to analytical methods and acceptance criteria for dietary ingredients as well as non-dietary (food) ingredients. Interested members should contact their Regulatory Affairs Committee representative.


Vitamin D Task Force (by invitation)

Chair: Annahita Ghassemi, Church & Dwight 
Staff Liaisons:  Luke Huber & Jeff Ventura

The Vitamin D Task Force leads the development of an educational website (Vitamin D & Me!) and promotional activities around vitamin D and health. The site and promotional activities are sponsored by member donations to the CRN Foundation. The group meets on an ad hoc basis and is made up of members who are sponsoring the education initiative.  The group guides educational content, marketing, and communications efforts related to the initiative.  The Vitamin D Task Force is only open to member companies that are sponsoring the initiative.