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2020: The Year We Woke Up to Our Interdependence With Retailers
by Steve Mister in Nutrition Industry Executive

2020 and Optimism Comes to Mind
by Steve Mister in Nutrition Industry Executive

The legacy of 2019: CBD, mandatory listing and discord
by Steve Mister in NutraIngredients

Diversity Has Always Been Our Strength—On Racial Diversity, We Can Do Better—It Starts With Recognizing That Fact
by Carl Hyland in Nutrition Industry Executive

The existence of unconscious bias is a blind spot that is holding the natural health industry back. If the we are really about better health for all, we need diverse voices and perspectives to reach that goal—voices at all levels of our companies.



What everyone needs to know about supplement regulation
by Andrea Wong in Natural Products Insider

Ingredient safety, product labeling, claims substantiation and adverse event reporting serve as four main pillars of supplement regulation:

  1. The regulatory framework is designed to ensure ingredients are safe and appropriate for use in supplements.
  2. Manufacturing regulations help ensure finished products contain what is on the label in the right amounts. 
  3. Regulation of claims ensures statements about a product are truthful and not misleading, and are substantiated by science. 
  4. Post-market surveillance can track safety issues once products are in the marketplace.


CRN State Regulation Update
by Amanda Darlington in Nutrition Industry Executive

CRN: Quality Is the Price of Entry—Not a Point of Difference
by Steve Mister in NutraIngredients-USA

Stop the sale of bogus supplements as a cure or treatment for COVID-19 
by Julia Gustafson with Liz Richardson of The Pew Charitable Trusts in The Hill  (Learn more about mandatory product listing.)

A Mandatory Dietary Supplement Registry: Transparency as ‘disinfectant’
by Steve Mister in RAPS Regulatory Focus

Mandatory Product Listing: Beneficial, or Burdensome?
by Steve Mister in WholeFoods Magazine

NYAG: Five Years Later, What Did We Learn? 
by Steve Mister in Nutrition Industry Executive 

Integrating master files in the NDI notification process to facilitate innovation in dietary supplements
by Haiuyen Nguyen in RAPS Regulatory Focus

Supplement industry must self-police as demand soars, FDA retreats
by Steve Mister in New Hope

Dietary Supplements and Public Safety: A Defense of DSHEA’s 'Three-Legged Stool'
by Steve Mister in RAPS Regulatory Focus



JUNE 17, 2020

CRN Files Citizen Petition Calling on FDA to Regulate CBD as a Legal Dietary Supplement

Press Release | Citizen Petition | CRN's Supplement Advocacy Send-In

Steve Mister.jpg"FDA's worries—that invoking discretion would interfere with the incentives to pursue robust clinical research for pharmaceuticals—are misdirected. The features that makes hemp-derived cannabinoids so unique are precisely the factors that will allow FDA to distinguish its decision on CBD from other articles under study."

Hey, FDA, can you show a little CBD discretion?
by Steve Mister in Natural Products Insider

As More Consumers Seek Supplements to Support Health During COVID-19 Pandemic, CBD Regulation Is More Critical Than Ever
Nutrition Industry Executive, by Brian Wommack 

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What's next for the dietary supplement industry?
by Christine Burdick-Bell, Dietary Supplement Quality Collaborative (DSQC), in Drug Store News

5 (actually, 10) things that should concern us about CBD
by Steve Mister in New Hope

Will CBD Become a Shakespearean Tragedy?
by Steve Mister in Nutrition Industry Executive

Science, CBD and the prisoner's dilemma
by Steve Mister in Natural Products Insider

CBD and the 2018 Farm Bill—the legal status of CBD supplements
by Megan Olsen Natural Products Insider



Shifting Consumer Behaviors in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic—New Data Highlights More Than an Increase in Supplement Usage
by Brian Wommack in Nutrition Industry Executive (Learn more about the survey data.)

Since March 2020, COVID-19 has forced consumers to adapt to lifestyle changes and to confront difficult decisions concerning   their families, occupations, living situations and more often than not, the state of their health. Consumers have changed the way they shop, the way they exercise and overall, the way they maintain health and wellness habits throughout the pandemic.

Supplements get personalized with new technology and delivery formats
Natural Products Insider, by Brian Wommack

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Sports nutrition category adapts to changing consumer practices during COVID-19
Natural Products Insider, by CRN's Luke Huber, ND, MBA, and Jim Komorowski, MS, CNS, chief science officer of CRN member company JDS Therapeutics and chair of CRN's Sports Nutrition Working Group (SNWG)

Sports nutrition: Challenges and opportunities amid COVID-19
by Luke Huber, ND, MBA, in Natural Products Insider



The supportive role supplements can play for sleep and mental health
by Andrea Wong, Ph.D., in Natural Products Insider

Dietary supplement delivery forms matter
by Andrea Wong, Ph.D., in Natural Products Insider

Healthy aging: Quest for a healthy, not just long, life
by Jim Griffiths in Natural Products Insider

Is Science For Sale? CRN expert reacts to recent attack on industry
by Andrea Wong, Ph.D., in NutraIngredients

Dietary Supplement Clinical Research in the Age of COVID-19: Challenges & Opportunities
by Luke Huber, ND, MBA, in Nutraceuticals World



2020: The Year We Woke Up to Our Interdependence With Retailers
by Steve Mister in Nutrition Industry Executive

Educating the public about probiotics—the valuable role retailers play
by Andrea Wong, Ph.D. in New Hope