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Thomas Aarts
Managing Director, Nutrition Business Advisors 

Jennifer Adams
Associate, Amin Talati Wasserman      (Virtual)

Rend Al-Mondhiry
Partner, Amin Talati Wasserman   

Sandy Almendarez
Senior Content DirectorInforma Markets 

Rakesh Amin
Partner, Amin Talati Wasserman   

Anil Andrade
V.P. Global Sales & B.D., ACG Capsules   

Jonathan Bantz
Director, Eurofins   

Mark Bartlett
Vice President, Research and Development, Nu Skin   

Aaron Bartz
President, Ortho Molecular Products   

Grant Baskerville

Jon Benninger
VP and Market Leader – SupplySideInforma Markets 

Tammie Betway
Office Manager and Executive Assistant to the President & CEO, Council for Responsible Nutrition  (Virtual)  

Sandy Bigelow
PrincipalVGA LLC 

Tammy Blakemore
General Manager, SORA Labs   

Paul Bolar
VP, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmavite   

Jonathan Bortz
VP Nutrition Science, Balchem Corporation   

Jeff Boutelle
CEO, Pharmavite  

Jennifer Boyd
Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs, Atrium Innovations/Nestlé Health Science  

Jeffrey Brams
GC & VP, Garden of Life, LLC 

Kent Bradley
Herbalife Nutrition  

Christine Burdick Bell
EVP, General Counsel, Pharmavite  

Colleen Carkeet
Research Fellow, Amway

Shitij Chabba
VP Minerals and Nutrients, Balchem Corporation  

Oliver Chen
Director, Biofortis  

Danielle Citrolo
VP of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Kyowa Hakko USA   

William Cole
Partner, Amin Talati Wasserman      (Virtual)

Leo Cullen
President and CEO, Kyowa Hakko USA  

Liz Cummings
Director, Business Development, Nicholas Hall Group

Rashidah Denton
Manager, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Andrew Downey
Media Representative, Nutraceuticals World  

Lynda M Doyle
President & CEO, Avant Nutrition, LLC  

William (Bill) Dumais
Manager, Government Relations, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Alex Eapen
Director - R&D Scientific & Regulatory Affairs - NA, Cargill  

Nancy Edge
Principal Scientist, Johnson and Johnson  

Maya English
Director, Membership, Education & Events, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Mike Finamore
CEO, Gemini Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  

Kelly Fitzjarrell
President, Metabolic Maintenance  

Bill Frankos
Herbalife Nutrition  

Emily Anne Fritz
Senior Director, Scientific Affairs, Beachbody  

Shelly Garg
Partner, Amin Talati Wasserman     (Virtual)

Sarah Garthe
Director, Regulatory Affairs, ChromaDex Inc.  

Annahita Ghassemi
Director, Global Product Safety & Clinical Affairs, Church & Dwight  

Ren Gonzalez
Manager, Research and Development, Balchem  

Jennifer Grebow
Editor-in-Chief, Nutritional Outlook      (Virtual)

Justin Green
Director of Scientific Affairs, Cargill Health Technologies  

James Griffiths
SVP, International & Scientific Affairs, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Carolyn Gugger
Director of Scientific Affairs and Product Safety, Nature's Way Brands      (Virtual)

Tony Guntermann
Executive Strategist, Metabolic Maintenance  

Abhishek Gurnani
Partner, Amin Talati Wasserman      (Virtual)

Julia Gustafson
Vice President, Government Relations, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Ramona Haile
Associate Director Medical Sciences, Johnson and Johnson Consumer Inc 

Laura Harkness
VP Global R&D, Church & Dwight  

Duffy Hays
Associate Editor, Natural Products InsiderInforma Markets 

Susan Hazels Mitmesser
Vice President, Science & Technology, Pharmavite LLC  

John Helfrick
Business Director, BASF Corporation 

Davene Holland
Administrative Assistant, Database, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Meredith Holt
National Sales Manager, Atlantia Clinical Trials  

Jiang Hu
Scientist, Herbalife      (Virtual)

Luke Huber
VP of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Jim Hyde
Sr. VP and General Manager, Balchem Corporation  

Carl Hyland
V.P. Membership Development, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Maggie Jaqua
Content Director, Whole Foods Magazine

Tammy Johnson
Vice President Global Human, FoodScience Corporation      (Virtual)

Mark Jost
Senior Vice President, Gemini Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

Kirk Jowers
President, North America and Global Relations, doTERRA  

Leah Joy Johnston
Director of Dietary Supplements, TraceGains  

Angela Kalsi
Partner, Amin Talati Wasserman      (Virtual)

Sandra Khouri
SVP, Finance & Adminisration, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Meghan Killoy
Regulatory Compliance Manager, Designs for Health, Inc.      (Virtual)

Chi Hee Kim
Senior Director, Global Government Affairs, Herbalife Nutrition  

Rick Kingston
President, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs, SafetyCall International 

Sebastian Krawiec
Editor, Nutritional Outlook      (Virtual)

Mandy Kraynik
VP Innovation, Nature's Way      (Virtual)

Gigi Kwok-Hinsley
Nutrition Research Clinical Investigator, Amway/Nutrilite     (Virtual)

Joanne Lasrado
Director of Sales and Technical Services, Kemin Foods L.C.  

Debbie Laverty
VP - Global Regulatory & QA, Amway      (Virtual)

Ingrid Lebert
Head of Government Relations, Pharmavite LLC  

DeAnn Liska
Scientific Consultant, Biofortis Research  

Maggie Luther
Medical Director, Care/of      (Virtual)

Travis MacKay
Global Regulatory Affairs Director, Plexus Worldwide 

Tara Martin
General Counsel, Nutrawise Health & Beauty Corp dba Youtheory  

Michelle Martin
President, Cypress Systems  

Aletta Mayorga
Director of Nutrition Science, SmartyPants Vitamins      (Virtual)

Kristen McCormack
Lead Formulator, Metabolic Maintenance  

Alan McNamara
VP, Communications and Public Relations, Pharmavite LLC  

Russell Michelson
Global Regulatory Head, VMS, Reckitt  

Jenna Miles
Regulatory Affairs Manager, FoodScience, LLC   

Steven Mister
President & CEO, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Michael Montemarano
Associate Editor, Nutraceuticals World

Jeremy Moore
Business Development — Nutra — North America, Lipofood – Lubrizol 

Jason Mulligan
President, Eurofins  

Haiuyen Nguyen
Sr. Director, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Yasmeen Nkrumah-Elie
Director of R&D, External Research, ChromaDex  

Fernanda Nogueira
Americas Regulatory and QA Manager, Amway      (Virtual)

Patricia O'Connell
Product Success Manager, Barrington Nutritionals 

Megan Olsen
Vice President & Associate General Counsel, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Peter Paredes
Partner, Amin Talati Wasserman      (Virtual)

Ted Peterson
President, CPG Linkages

Evan Phelps
Partner, Amin Talati Wasserman      (Virtual)

Max Poritzky
Head of Business Development, Fullscript

Gretchen Powers
Senior Director, Marketing & Member Experience, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Deshanie Rai
Vice President, Global Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, OmniActive Health Technologies  

Ram Ramakrishnan
Business Development Manager, UL  

Scott Ravech
CEO, Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, Inc. 

Christopher Reid
Chief Legal Officer, Plexus Worldwide LLC   

Bradley Reynolds
Fermenta USA  

Kendall Ridley
Sr. Director, Communications, Council for Responsible Nutrition

Amy Rinaldo
Attorney, Ward Law Office LLC  

Barry Ritz
VP Science, Regulatory & Innovation, Nestlé Health Science  

Amanda Roach
Partner, Amin Talati Wasserman      (Virtual)

Michael Schaeffer
Managing Director, Michael Schaeffer LLC  

David Schwendimann
Chief Commercial Officer, MeriCal 

Andrew Shao
SVP Global Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, ChromaDex Corp  

Jay Sirois
Senior Director, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs, CHPA  

Barry Skillington
Chief Commercial Officer, Atlantia Clinical Trials  

Maria Stanieich
Marketing Manager, Kyowa Hakko      (Virtual)

Jill Stocki
Director, Business Development, Biofortis  

Alison Steiber
CSO, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Michelle Stout
Regulator Policy Director, Amway  

Kenneth Strick
General Counsel, Growve 

Elan Sudberg
CEO, Alkemist Labs

Darryl Sullivan
CSO, Eurofins 

Simon Sum
Director, North America, Scientific Affairs, Herbalife Nutrition      (Virtual)

Anthony Thomas
Director, Scientific Affairs, Natreon Inc.  

Karen Todd
VP Global Brand Marketing, Kyowa Hakko USA  

Daniel Tracy
Director, Product Regulatory Affairs, NuSkin 

Jan-Willem van Klinken
Medical Director, GSK Consumer Healthcare      (Virtual)

Casey Vanous
Senior Director, Product Science & Innovation, Herbalife Nutrition      (Virtual)

Mark Walsh
CEO, MeriCal  

Kathy  Wahlers
Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, SafetyCall International 

Heather Wainer
Publisher, VP of Media, Whole Foods Magazine

Ivan Wasserman
Partner, Amin Talati Wasserman      (Virtual)

Carol Wasteneys
Regulatory and Quality Manager, Nelson Bach USA Ltd 

Nick Wegman
Publisher, Nutraceuticals World  

Alice Welenc-Masters
Regulatory Affairs Manager, Reckitt      (Virtual)

Brian Wommack
Senior Vice President, Communications, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Andrea Wong
SVP, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Emily Zavrel
Communications Associate, Council for Responsible Nutrition  

Allison Zolnay
Director, Global Regulatory Affairs and Safety, Amway