COVID-19: CRN in the media

During this ever-evolving and uncharted COVID-19 pandemic crisis, CRN continues to garner trade media coverage through bylines, articles, and podcasts/videos, positioning the association as a leading voice for the dietary supplement industry:


As Coronavirus Cases Rise, FDA Acts Against Businesses Selling Fraudulent Treatments
, Pew

Cashing in on the crisis: More FDA warning letters, NutraIngredients-USA

Don't Believe the Hype: Bogus Products, Coronavirus Scams Abound
, U.S. News & World Report

Trade associations applaud FDA for protecting consumers from fraudulent COVID-19 supplement claims
, Nutritional Outlook

Supplement industry must self-police as demand soars, FDA retreats,
 Nutritional Outlook

Despite FDA pronouncements, industry coalition action the coronavirus claims warning letters keep coming, NutraIngredients-USA

Trade groups ask retailers not to stock products making coronavirus claims
, NutraIngredients-USA

Associations Applaud FDA for COVID-19-related Efforts, Vitamin Retailer

Industry Associations Commend FDA for Taking Swift Action,
WholeFoods Magazine

Supplement industry applauds FDA for protecting consumers from fraudulent COVID-19 products, New Hope

FDA Continues Action Against Unapproved, Misbranded Products Related to Coronavirus, Nutraceuticals World

Supplement industry associations applaud FDA actions to protect consumers from fraudulent products related to COVID-19, Chain Drug Review

How coronavirus could change natural products retailing
, New Hope

Dietary supplement trade associations argue manufacturers are 'essential' as lockdowns spread, New Hope

FDA pulls back on supplement manufacturer inspections during COVID-19 pandemic, New Hope

Supplement industry can win with emphasis on safety, clapping lid on disease claims,

FDA, FTC Issue Warning Letters for COVID-19 Claims, WholeFoods Magazine

Will the coronavirus pandemic impact dietary supplement manufacturing? A look at the supply chain, quality, and safety.
, Nutritional Outlook

Industry offers insight into vitamin C supply chain, NutraIngredients-USA

India lockdown affecting ashwagandha supply, but US inventories remain strong, NutraIngredients-USA

Potential supplement supply bottlenecks identified in response to federal government request
, NutraIngredients-USA

Department of Homeland Security calls dietary supplements essential services amid COVID-19 pandemic, but states still ultimately determine if supplement businesses can continue to operate, Nutritional Outlook

Dietary supplement sales skyrocket during coronavirus pandemic, Nutritional Outlook

Coronoavirus Pandemic Disrupting Dietary Ingredient Supply Chain? USDA Wants To Know, HBW Insight Rose Sheet

Federal guide calls supplement workers ‘essential;’ task for industry now to ensure state and local mandates reflect that
, NutraIngredients-USA

Industry trade associations support its members through COVID-19 resource centers, Nutritional Outlook

CRN Compiles Member Concerns Regarding Supply Chain Disruption, WholeFoods Magazine

Dietary supplement makers specifically deemed essential under new federal guidance, Natural Products Insider 

DHS Updates Advisory Memo: Supplements Now Essential Businesses, WholeFoods Magazine

State Agencies Sharpen Supplement Market Oversight During Pandemic, With Industry's Thanks, HBW Insight

How should facilities deal with coronavirus?
, Natural Products Insider

How to reassure customers that dietary supplements are safe during the coronavirus crisis
, New Hope

COVID-19 and industry shutdown: ANZ supplement firms seek clarification on ‘essential services’ status
, NutraIngredients-Asia

CRN Offers Resource Page on COVID-19,
Vitamin Retailer

CRN Offers Resource Page on COVID-19, Nutrition Industry Executive

CRN, AHPA Address Ongoing COVID-19 FAQs, Nutraceuticals World

CRN Answers FAQs on COVID-19 Resource Page
, WholeFoods Magazine

Dietary supplement retail should be deemed essential business, industry associations urge amid coronavirus lockdowns, Nutritional Outlook

Trade Associations to Governors: Supplements Qualify as Essential, WholeFoods Magazine

Are Dietary Supplements ‘Essential’ During Coronavirus Pandemic? Nutraceuticals World

CRN: Dietary Supplements Facilities Essential During Pandemic, WholeFoods Magazine 

Amid COVID-19, FDA scales back inspections of U.S., domestic facilities, Natural Products Insider 

Dietary supplement manufacturers, sales channels must remain open during COVID-19 shutdowns, stakeholders say
, NutraIngredients

NOW Foods petitions White House to stay open
, New Hope

Food and bev groups: Coronavirus rule confusion causes delays in parts of U.S., Food Engineering

COVID-19’s effects on the supplement supply chain – podcast
, Natural Products Insider

FDA and FTC issue warning letters to seven firms for selling fraudulent COVID-19 products
, Nutritional Outlook

Bogus Coronavirus Claims For Silver, Essential Oils, Herbalist's Tea 'Protocol' Plus A Price Discount
, HBW Insight Rose Sheet

FDA warns 7 firms on COVID-19 claims including televangelist Jim Bakker, NutraIngredients-USA

Federal Agencies Crack Down on Fraudulent COVID-19 Products, Nutraceuticals World