DEI commitment follow-up key to industry growth, sustainability

OCTOBER 11, 2021

Expo East insights: DEI commitment follow-up key to industry growth, sustainability

Following through on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) commitments is essential to fulfilling the natural products industry’s potential for growth and responsibility that comes with that growth.

The natural products industry is on track to be a $400 billion+ industry by 2030, according to data from Nutrition Business Journal, powered by SPINS. “Within the next decade our size and scale will be more than double what it was in 2017—giving us the opportunity to create more positive impact for people and planet if we choose to,” Carlotta Mast, senior vice president, New Hope Network, said during last month’s Natural Products Expo East keynote on “The State of Natural & Organic.”

Why it matters: 2020 saw many companies making commitments to DEI initiatives, and it’s important that they take stock of progress made. The J.E.D.I Collaborative offers tools to help firms ensure they are making effective commitments and following through. 

A more expansive view of vital infrastructure, to include education and healthcare, is key if we are going to accelerate change needed to address sustainability goals, Nick McCoy, managing director, Whipstitch Capital, emphasized during his segment of the keynote.

The bottom line: “If we think about income equality as a goal, as part of JEDI, if we can make income more equal across the population, we’re naturally going to be more equal as people,” noted McCoy. “And there’s going to be more diversity in neighborhoods, more diversity in leadership,” he added, calling on companies to commit to educational and healthcare investments.

Go deeper: Read New Hope’s coverage of BIPOC CEOs discussing their experiences supporting each other, advocating for their needs, and being change agents.

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