Research demonstrates significant links between vitamin D, COVID-19

NOVEMBER 8, 2021

100+ clinical trials support link between vitamin D, COVID-19

Vitamin D


“Increasing evidence suggests a link between higher vitamin D levels and lower incidence of COVID-19,” said CRN’s Luke Huber, ND, MBA, in WholeFoods Magazine.

Thirteen recent meta-analyses, generated from more than 100 clinical trials published since the onset of the pandemic, have examined vitamin D and COVID-19. Multiple analyses revealed that higher blood levels of vitamin D appear to be correlated with lower incidence or severity of COVID-19 in most but not all reviews of the research, as noted in NutraIngredients-USA coverage.

Immune support: “This growing body of research does not indicate that vitamin D is a substitute for vaccines, mask wearing, social distancing or other behaviors to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus,” noted Dr. Huber. “But the data does suggest that vitamin D levels may play a role, in combination with other therapies, in strengthening the immune system to resist the virus.” 

Why it matters: “Consumers need science-based evidence to make informed health decisions,” said CRN Foundation Executive Director Brian Wommack. “We hope consumers use these findings to better understand how nutrients like vitamin D support their goal of living a healthy lifestyle.”

Through the Vitamin D & Me! initiative, the CRN Foundation delivers unbiased education on the latest science to help people make smarter decisions to maintain their health, focusing on U.S. consumers 55 and older. The website features summaries of key research on vitamin D and COVID-19, interviews with scientific experts, educational information on what vitamin D means to health status, and vitamin D in the news.

Data-driven insights on immune health trends reveal opportunities for supplement marketers

Immune health is top of mind for consumers as the global COVID-19 pandemic persists. According to a recent report published by CRN member DSM, 65% of consumers are more conscious of immunity since COVID-19.

Taking matters into their own hands: Citing data from FMCG Gurus, DSM notes that 67% of global consumers are interested in products that boost immune health. The report points out that these findings “are reflective of a broader shift, where consumers are moving towards a more holistic view of healthcare.”

Consistency is key: “Developing a holistic and prevention-focused immunity regime relies on having a routine, and these have been overturned during the pandemic,” DSM reports. “As restrictions lift, we’re having to rebuild our lives, daily routines, and habits,” presenting new opportunities for dietary supplement companies to position themselves as immune support mainstays.

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