CRN Daily Supplement EXTRA: Association applauds nomination of Robert M. Califf for FDA Commissioner

CRN applauds nomination of Robert M. Califf for FDA Commissioner

CRN applauds today’s nomination of Robert M. Califf, MD, for Commissioner of FDA.

CRN’s take: “CRN congratulates Dr. Robert M. Califf for his long-anticipated nomination to FDA Commissioner,” said CRN President & CEO Steve Mister. “We support his confirmation and will look forward to working with Dr. Califf and FDA leadership to strengthen the dietary supplement industry and protect consumers by ensuring products are safe and meet regulatory requirements.” 

CRN urges Dr. Califf to prioritize the following action items in his agenda:

  1. Increase funding to the Office of Dietary Supplement Programs (ODSP) at FDA, recognizing this Office must keep pace with the rapidly growing industry it oversees

  2. Work with Congress to enact legislation to establish mandatory product listing for supplements

  3. Establish a legal pathway to market for hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) as a dietary supplement

  4. Issue final guidance on the labeling of probiotics

  5. Issue final guidance for new dietary ingredients, along with an official list of pre-DSHEA dietary ingredients that are “grandfathered” under the 1994 law

  6. Protect consumers and strengthen incentives for innovation with more proactive enforcement of the existing law for dietary supplements

The bottom line: “For nearly 50 years, CRN has enjoyed a strong working relationship with FDA, which we look forward to continuing under Dr. Califf’s leadership,” said Mister. “We anticipate working together on the shared goal of growing an innovative and safe dietary supplement marketplace that protects consumers, while avoiding unwarranted regulatory burdens for the industry.”

See CRN’s press release here.