Kees Schipper

About me...

I am a Nutritional Epidemiology and Data Science Masters Student at the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. I am interested in learning an applying practical approaches for communicating nutrition and public health data to policymakers and those affected by policy. I am passionate about making statistics and data science accessible to everyone, so that individuals can make evidence-based decisions about their nutrition, healthcare, and lifestyle. I have prior research experience utilizing NIS medical claims data to explore the relationship between hemochromatosis and bacterial infection with the Tufts Medical School Hepatology division. I also have worked with the Epidemiology division at Tufts’ Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging in trying to delineate differences in dietary patterns between various fad diets in the U.S.. I am currently working on COVID-related grant, attempting to reduce noise resulting from reporting phenomena in case and death data, to provide a cleaner interpretation of pandemic progression in United States counties, as well as quantifying the lags between case spikes, death spikes, and human activity/mobility.

In attending this conference, I hope to learn more about what types of nutritional research are going on in academia and industry. Specifically, I am hoping to learn more about research in building healthy, sustainable, and affordable food supplies, and increasing access to food for communities that are underserved, specifically food deserts.