Free GRMA Webinar: Learn More About New ANSI-Accredited GMP Auditing Standards

The Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance (GRMA) in collaboration with CRN is offering a free webinar for CRN members on Tuesday, April 30 from 2–3:30 pm Eastern. GRMA is a global nonprofit formed to develop an auditing scheme that utilizes consensus-based quality system standards for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) through the American National Standards process in several industries, including dietary supplements.  GRMA is made of members from most major retailers, manufacturers, trade associations and certification bodies. 

Now available on demand for CRN members here.

Join CRN and GRMA to learn more about dietary supplement audit standards developed by GRMA in collaboration with retailers, manufacturers, and other industry stakeholders. The standards were finalized in December 2018 with NSF International (455-ANSI-Accredited Auditing Standards). During this webinar, CRN members will learn more about the benefits and implementation costs of these new standards, and hear from manufacturers and retailers experienced with these standards.   

Questions? Please contact Megan Olsen at