NAD 2020 Program Update

BACKGROUND: What is the National Advertising Division (NAD)?

  • A self-regulatory arm of the BBB National Programs, Inc.
  • Accepts complaints from consumers, competing advertisers, and local Better Business Bureaus
  • Conducts its own monitoring
  • Provides an impartial forum for competitors and consumer advocates to have national advertising and substantiation reviewed
  • Intended to be a lower-cost, faster option for competitors than litigation
  • Decisions represent the single largest body of advertising decisions in the U.S.
  • Handles about 150 cases a year
  • 2019 program review


CRN and NAD Continue Commitment to Self-Regulatory Efforts for Dietary Supplement Advertising as the CRN/NAD Program Ends

NAD and Dietary Supplement Advertising

A CRN/NAD initiative that ran from 2005—July 2020 supported NAD's review of more than 300 dietary supplement cases. This support built a robust program hailed by key regulators, that can now be sustained by ongoing action from industry. 

Now as always, and more importantly than ever, CRN members can file their own challenges:

  • Lower cost than litigation; filing fees run from $10,000 to $35,000 depending on size of business and whether your company is a BBB National Partner
  • Time to decision is almost always faster than a court proceeding—NAD just initiated a new “NAD Fast-Track SWIFT Challenge” process intended to resolve certain types of challenges involving digital advertising in an even faster manner

See BBB website for details on how to file a competitive claim

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