‘Supplement OWL’ upgrades make participation even easier—verify your company’s labels are in

Promoting expansion of the Supplement OWL is one of CRN's top 10 priority initiatives. CRN’s self-regulatory programs like the Supplement OWL demonstrate the continued responsible conduct of the dietary supplement industry.


Are your company’s finished dietary supplement products currently listed in the Supplement OWL registry—and, if so, are your listings updated?

The Supplement OWL is a self-regulatory initiative of CRN that provides a resource for regulators, retailers, and industry to identify dietary supplements, their ingredients and the companies who market them. It permits registry users to examine and evaluate labels and other product information. In addition, this industry-administered registry serves as a critical model for a potential mandatory product listing concept that has been proposed by FDA and supported by CRN.

CRN’s Board of Directors have mandated that participation in the Supplement OWL is a requirement of CRN membership for our companies who market finished dietary supplements in the U.S.

Adding your dietary supplement labels to the Supplement OWL is easier than ever. CRN’s staff has spent the past eight months streamlining that process, including adding a self-service portal and continuously developing new tools within it to more easily add, edit and remove products, as well as a bulk upload feature for adding groups of products more conveniently. Our continued outreach to the retail community confirms that influential national retailers—seeking to build transparency in our industry—have a high, positive regard for companies who participate in the Supplement OWL.

To fully participate in the Supplement OWL:

  1. Task a staff member at your company with primary responsibility for entering products into the registry and notifying CRN who is the designated “business user” responsible for product entry.

  2. The appropriate person at your company Supplement OWL should review and sign the Participant Agreement.

  3. Upload the finished dietary supplements that bear your company’s name on the label as the manufacturer, packer or distributor—CRN staff can walk your representative through the process, should they have any questions or problems along the way.

Please be sure all of your qualifying dietary supplements are entered into the Supplement OWL by the end of 2020. With your participation, the Supplement OWL will help create a rich and more complete picture of the dietary supplement marketplace.





Please contact: 
Luke Huber, N.D., MBA
Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs