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See our 2019 press release for the latest on this topic.

familySNAPflip.jpgReach out to your Senators or Representative today and let them know that they should support language in the Farm Bill allowing SNAP recipients to use their benefits to purchase a multivitamin-mineral dietary supplement along with other food items.   

The House of Representatives passed the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018 (HR 2), also known as the Farm Bill. The SNAP Vitamin and Mineral Improvement Act (HR 3841)—which would allow SNAP recipients to purchase a multivitamin with their benefits—has been adopted as an amendment to Nutrition Title.

Now, we need all of Congress on board!

CRN has been working with key legislative offices to get SNAP language included when the Farm Bill goes "to conference"—it is expected that Congress would finalize the legislation by September 30. 

CRN is calling on members and constituents to encourage support across all of their legislative offices, highlighting the fact that all Americans should have access to the benefits of multivitamins and that this is a straightforward way to help low-income people that transcends party politics.

For supplement companies, even those that don't specifically carry a multivitamin line, it’s important to keep dietary supplements "front-and-center" in health, nutrition, wellness policy discussions and initiatives.

CRN strongly encourages you to contact and request that your members of Congress  support low-income Americans' access to multivitamin-mineral supplements with their SNAP benefits (a part of the Farm Bill). This provision would help Americans who might not otherwise be able to meet their basic nutritional needs—ensuring everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, is able to achieve optimal health and wellness.