A Week of Personal Firsts

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DECEMBER 1, 2022 |  Join the conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter   

By Erin Storer, Manager, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, CRN

The week of CRN’s annual conference provided me with a variety of professional “firsts.” It was the first conference I had ever attended as well as my first in-person event with CRN (as I joined during the pandemic). I ended the week also able to say I had my first taste of the karaoke spotlight. As I sat on the plane heading back to Washington, DC, and did a mental rewind, I was able to grasp the importance these days held. 

To begin the week, I arrived early in Phoenix for the Senior Scientific Advisory Council (SSAC) meeting which typically kicks off annual conference week. While my preparation was generally the same—send the agenda, coordinate with a guest speaker, prepare PowerPoint slides—being in-person changed the experience. I saw members greet one another as they found their seats, continuing online conversations and remarking how long it had been since they got together. I was able to put many faces to names and enjoyed the interaction we were able to have with rotating groups to brainstorm the group’s future goals.

Following the SSAC meeting was Science in Session (SiS), a full day of scientific exchange and discussion I had been excited to attend. The months of coordinating and preparation that preceded it was well worth it as I, along with our members, took in a full day of scientific content from experts in their respective fields. Seeing so many people passionate about their work and the progress being made to uplift public health left me feeling inspired and grateful to belong to an organization that represents these key contributors. 

The last of my firsts took place at the conference’s closing reception where karaoke performances are apparently a tradition, following several days of thought-provoking speakers and engaging conversations with members. While singing along with my colleagues to songs like “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” was fun, it reminded me of the true value in enhancing health and wellness. Improving nutritional status is shown to be fundamental for good health, letting us all experience more numerous, quality years of coming together for these shared experiences.

Overall, I found the conference to be a wonderful experience and I understand why our members appreciate its importance.

I am certainly looking forward to next year’s event at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, in Dana Point, California. CRN will be celebrating its 50th anniversary and it promises to be an extra-special gathering, not to be missed. Be sure to save the dates—Oct. 3 through 6, 2023.

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Ms. Storer provides administrative and logistical support to the Scientific & Regulatory Affairs department. Prior to joining CRN, she gained experience in a variety of roles that furthered her passion for wellness. Erin earned her B.S. in Community Health from the University of Maryland, College Park. Learn more about Erin.