Industry-wide webinar—Delivery Forms Matter

Event Start Date
Dec 15, 2020
Event End Date
Dec 15, 2020
Event Start Time
2 pm Eastern
Event End Time
4 pm Eastern


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Capsules, tablets, gummies, powders, liquids...the vast range of available delivery forms available today has never been greater. This variety is being driven by consumer interest in expanding alternatives that fit their varied lifestyles and preferences. They want unique products that address their individual needs. Some want new, fun or more simplified delivery forms, while others insist on the "tried and true."

At the same time, these delivery forms pose unique challenges for formulators and technical affairs personnel charged with manufacturing these products. Increasingly complicated formulations, shelf life considerations, machinery limitations, excipients, and packaging can all influence delivery form choices. FDA threw the industry a curve ball in 2019 with a study concluding that nearly 20% of the adverse events for dietary supplements between 2006 and 2015 indicated swallowing problems or choking issues. To address and reduce these incidences, companies are examining how their delivery forms can impact swallowing. All these issues create new delivery form opportunities and challenges for companies as they respond to consumer demands, make products safer, and address technical issues. Delivery forms really do matter!

Join CRN and Natural Products Insider Dec. 15 at 2 pm ET and hear from an expert lineup of presenters to explore the range of issues delivery forms pose:

  • What consumer research tells us about change consumer preferences for how they take their supplements
  • What the data developed by FDA can tell us about choking and swallowing issues related to supplements
  • How industry can respond with careful considerations for swallowing issues when developing new products
  • The technical manufacturing challenges for formulators and product engineers and breakthroughs in capsule and gummy manufacturing that address these needs
  • Quality considerations like shelf stability that can impact delivery forms

Additional details on speakers coming soon. 

Register here via Natural Products Insider.