CRN Political Action Committee


The Council for Responsible Nutrition Political Action Committee (CRN PAC) works to protect, promote and support the dietary supplement and functional food industry. Serving as a strong voice for the industry:

  • CRN PAC supports federal candidates for elected office who support the interests and values of responsible industry
  • CRN PAC is bipartisan and bicameral
  • CRN PAC provides a strong, unified voice that allows the industry’s concerns to be heard on Capitol Hill

CRN PAC develops credible and trusted relationships with forward-thinking leaders – regardless of party affiliation – who are willing to work with the dietary supplement industry to build a balanced legislative and regulatory environment.

For more information, contact William Dumais ( 202-204-7677).


Contributions to the CRN PAC will be used for political purposes. Your decision whether to contribute, or how much to contribute, is entirely voluntary. You have the right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. Contribution guidelines are merely suggestions and CRN will not favor or disadvantage you based on whether you contribute or the amount of your contribution. Contributions to the CRN PAC are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Only U.S. citizens and “green card” holders are permitted to contribute. An individual’s contribution may not exceed $5,000 per calendar year.