CRN Member Newsletter: June 10, 2019




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CRN urges FDA to act quickly on CBD at May 31 public hearing 

With an exploding market and a vulnerable consumer base using CBD products, “FDA does not have the luxury of time,” CRN’s Megan Olsen told a panel of agency officials at FDA’s public hearing on May 31. Ms. Olsen, as well as CRN’s Steve Mister, delivered oral comments at the hearing, urging FDA to use its rulemaking authority as quickly as possible to create a legal pathway for CBD. Mr. Mister explained that safety concerns need not impede such rulemaking at this early stage. The agency “has plenty of processes and standards in place to examine the safety of any ingredient…FDA needs to trust its own processes for examining safety in due time,” Mr. Mister said in his remarks. Providing a predictable and lawful path to market for hemp-derived CBD products will incentivize companies to invest in safety research and allow FDA to evaluate the safety profile of individual products are they come to market rather than trying to establish a one-size-fits-all safety profile for all CDB products at once. . Mr. Mister advised companies, for their part, “If you are interested in the CBD marketplace, you should be creating your safety dossiers now. You should be doing some clinical research, so that you can put in a New Dietary Ingredient notification immediately when something does happen.” CRN and its CBD Task Force are actively engaged with FDA on this issue and are developing written comments to submit to the FDA by the July 2 deadline. Access CRN’s oral comments and see press coverage here.