CRN issues the following public statement in response to Sen. Durbin’s letter to trade organizations in the dietary supplement industry regarding tianeptine

MARCH 19, 2024

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) shares the Senator’s grave concerns that tianeptine is being fraudulently marketed as a dietary supplement when it is an unsafe and illegal substance. CRN’s members, and all responsible supplement marketers, do not sell this ingredient and condemn the sale of it.

CRN has not only been vocal about the risks associated with products containing tianeptine misrepresented as dietary supplements, but has also shown steadfast support for enhancing FDA’s regulatory oversight through initiatives like a product listing registry for supplements. We offered our strong support for Senator Durbin’s previous bill seeking to make product listing a reality, and we look forward to working with him again if new legislation is introduced. 

CRN urges the FDA to take enforcement action against these illegal, fake supplement products, and encourages consumers to be vigilant, avoid products containing tianeptine, purchase dietary supplements only from reputable sources, and report any adverse events related to tianeptine-containing products to the FDA's MedWatch program. Our support for legislative and regulatory efforts that enhance consumer protection, such as product listing bills, aligns closely with the concerns expressed in Senator Durbin's letter, emphasizing a shared commitment to preventing the distribution of dangerous or illegal ingredients posing as dietary supplements.