CRN Welcomes 11 New Companies

Washington, D.C., May 3, 2019—The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the leading trade association for the dietary supplement and functional food industry, today announced 11new companies have joined the association’s membership ranks. These companies include: Voting Members—CV Sciences, Inc.; Morre-tec Industries; Natural Remedies; Novozymes A/S; OLEO, Inc.; OmniActive Health Technologies; and Solara Labs; Associate Members—Chestnut Communications; Demetrix Inc.; and Hyman Phelps & McNamara, P.C.; and International Member—Faberlic. 

The new member companies are:

Voting Members

CV Sciences, Inc.

Founded in 2012, CV Sciences (OTCQB: CVSI) is a life science company whose mission is to improve the well-being of people and planet.  The Company operates under two distinct divisions: consumer products and pharmaceuticals. These divisions are supported by the company’s medical and scientific advisory board, and state-of-the art production facilities. CV Sciences’ Consumer Products Division delivers botanical-based cannabidiol (CBD) products that enhance quality of life through its PlusCBD Oil™ brand of hemp extract supplements and topical products. Since 2014, PlusCBD Oil™ products have been placed in retail outlets nationwide and have set the standard in the hemp-derived CBD category as the leading brand dedicated to science, quality and safety. PlusCBD Oil™ products are currently distributed nationally in health food stores, health care provider’s offices and online, and are backed by physicians recommendations, a formal safety review and a growing body of case reports. CV Sciences’ Pharmaceutical Division is developing CBD-based medicine, pursuing the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for drugs with specific indications utilizing CBD as the active pharmaceutical ingredient.

Morre-tec Industries 

Morre-tec Industries (Union, NJ), founded in 1987, has established a leading position for the global supply of colors, functional ingredients, excipients and minerals for the improved formulation of supplements, food and beverage products. The company specializes in the manufacture of water soluble formulations of the fat soluble vitamins A, D3 and E, which are used for the fortification of milk, juices, and other beverages, and the preparation of very fine particle size ingredients such as tricalcium phosphate, phytosterols and plant proteins, for use in supplements and the fortification of infant formula and other beverages.

Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies is one of the leading research-driven herbal healthcare companies from India. The company’s vision is to blend their traditional knowledge of herbs and modern science to deliver health and wellness for mankind. Natural Remedies’ core strengths are in manufacturing branded extracts validated with clinical trials published in peer reviewed Journals. The company’s brands include Turmacin for Joint Health, Gutgard for Gut health, BacoMind for Cognitive Wellness, AP-Bio for Immune Health and Ocibest for Stress Management. Natural Remedies is also recognised for manufacturing phytocompounds for global reference standards. 

Novozymes A/S

Novozymes A/S is a global bioinnovation company with headquarters located in Copenhagen, Denmark and is on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (NZYMB). The company’s focus is on the research, development and production of industrial enzymes and microorganisms. Novozymes has operations in a number of countries including; Denmark, China, India, Brazil, Argentina, the United States and Canada. Novozymes North America, Inc. is the U.S. headquarters for Novozymes A/S and manufactures enzymes for use in technical and food applications.

OLEO, Inc.

OLEO, Inc. is a consumer packaged goods company thoughtfully designing potent, water-soluble CBD products for the active lifestyle community. OLEO offers a collection of powdered beverages infused with their active ingredient OleoCBD™, including a flavorless CBD powder called Original Mix. OleoCBD™ is created with a proprietary technology that masks any bitter aftertaste and makes the CBD two-times more bioaccessible, leading to better absorption and results within 20 minutes. In addition to selling OLEO™ branded products, the company also has an arm of its business that supplies OleoCBD™ for companies seeking to formulate with CBD. 

OmniActive Health Technologies

The mission of OmniActive Health Technologies is to improve lives by enhancing nutrition and wellness through evidence-based research, state-of-the-art extraction, purification and isolation of active compounds and innovations in nutrient delivery technologies. OmniActive’s continual investments in clinical studies support existing health benefits for their branded ingredients and expand market opportunities by uncovering new benefits to support emerging consumer needs. OmniActive focuses on building sustainable and integrated supply chains and ensuring their products and processes meet rigorous standards including cGMP, ISO9005:22000, HACCP, NonGMO-Verified Project and USP for dietary supplements. With global R&D and regulatory teams they work closely with regulatory entities across the globe to ensure compliance of their ingredients and delivery systems for each region. 

Solara Labs 

Solara Labs provides custom development and manufacturing for the dietary supplement industry. The company is the creator of the first full line of “fast melting” tablets for the nutraceutical market. EZ Melts® is Solara’s original brand and the only full-line of fast-melting tablets on the market. Solara Labs is also the creator of BariMelts®, a line of supplements specially-designed to support Bariatric patients after having weight-loss procedures, such as gastric bypass. The company also developed Renzo’s®, the first line of fast-
melting vitamins specially designed for kids. Solara Labs’ technology is used in many of their customers’ products, providing them a competitive advantage in the market. 

Associate Members

Chestnut Communications 
Chestnut Communications is a full service advertising agency concentrating on healthcare, food and cosmetics products. Chestnut’s president, Al Kestnbaum, has written and directed over 400 national television commercials, many for brands in the supplements category including new and re-staged brands. The company has much experience dealing with regulatory matters, electronic advertising and media clearances. 

Demetrix, Inc. 

Demetrix, Inc. works to make nature’s rarest ingredients accessible, sustainable and affordable for healthier, happier lives. The company uses baker’s yeast and fermentation, alongside proprietary automation and computing tools, to make rare molecules common, and impossible ones real. The result is affordable access to rare natural ingredients at the highest consistency and purity levels - exponentially faster, cheaper, and at greater volumes than traditional methods. Demetrix is initially focusing on producing cannabinoids to build its portfolio of ingredients for human and animal health. The company’s exclusively licensed and own developed IP will soon enable Demetrix to commercially produce even the rarest cannabinoids at affordable prices. Founded in 2015, Demetrix works and complies with all federal and local regulations. 

Hyman Phelps & McNamara, P.C. 

Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C. (HPM) is a Washington D.C. based law firm that focuses on advising clients on regulatory requirements of the FDA and FTC, and their state counterparts. The firm also represents clients in civil and criminal litigation matters. HPM’s experience in the dietary supplement industry predates the enactment of DSHEA and the firm continues to be at the forefront of helping clients address emerging regulatory challenges in the areas of ingredient authorization, product formulation, manufacturing, labeling, advertising, inspections and recalls.

International Members


Faberlic, established in 1997, is the world’s leading manufacturer of patented oxygen skin care products (Aquaftem®, Novaftem® Oxygen Complex) as well as health care products, functional nutrition, food supplements and clothing. The company stands among the top 100 global beauty companies according to WWD, and operates in over 20 countries worldwide with 8 million consumers using Faberlic products every day. Faberlic has its own Center for Research and Development (CRD) that develops new product formulas, brings them into production, and carries out research work with the world’s leading laboratories. The company holds 32 patents, including international ones. Direct Selling News put Faberlic at 33rd place in the world’s direct sales companies list.

A complete list of CRN member companies is available on the association’s website. For more information about becoming a CRN member, contact Carl Hyland, vice president, membership development, at or 202-204-7674.

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