Preventive Intake Levels

Frost & Sullivan identified preventive intake levels based on their meta-analysis of scientific studies included in this economic report. 


B Vitamins


Psyllium Dietary Fiber

Chromium Picolinate

Lutein &

Calcium & Vitamin D


1,000 mg

B6 = 2.5 mg
B12 = 400 mcg 
Folate = 1 mg

      2 g

    10 g

   400 mcg

Lutein = 10 mg
Zeaxanthin = 2 mg

Calcium = 1,000 mg 
Vitamin D = 800 IU

   100 mg

Consumers who are interested in the findings of this economic report should talk about smart prevention with their health care practitioners to determine which dietary supplements at which intake levels may be appropriate for them.

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