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Expanding self-regulatory initiatives.

CRN built support for mandatory product listing, promoting the Supplement OWL product label database as a model for demonstrating an industry-wide commitment to accountability and responsible behavior to maintain and improve consumer confidence.


“CRN believes a mandatory product listing would enhance existing regulations and increase enforcement actions against bad actors in the marketplace. Consumer safety is our number one priority, and so, as we move forward, it is critical to identify gaps in the current regulatory system and enact new ways to protect consumers and the marketplace. ...

...Having successfully piloted a voluntary product listing, the Supplement OWL, CRN realizes not only the benefit a product listing would be for FDA and for consumers, but also the benefit for the participating companies who are differentiating themselves from rogue companies. We certainly don’t suggest that a mandatory listing will solve all the industry’s woes, but it will shed light on the supplement marketplace and give a new level of transparency to help our regulator and our consumers evaluate the range of products being offered for sale in the U.S.”

On the horizon: 2020 Forecast—Experts share their insights on the state of the natural products industry.

Whole Foods Magazine, December 2019

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