We've extended the OWL CDX Pilot Program

Join the CDX pilot program and help CRN take the Supplement OWL to the next level.

First 500 entries offered free to CRN members

In April of 2017, the Supplement OWL took flight.

With over 10,000 labels in the Supplement OWL to date, the registry is quickly becoming a go-to resource for regulators and other industry stakeholders. In addition to serving regulators, the Supplement OWL provides retailers with an authoritative database to examine and evaluate labels of products on the market.

As the registry nears its two-year milestone, CRN members have the opportunity to help the OWL soar further. Following further direction from CRN’s Board of Directors, CRN and its member companies are ready to define the retailer-focused CDX.

Sign up for the CDX pilot program via our Google signup. Details below.

What is CDX?

OWL-with-CDX-working-vertical.jpgThe Commercial Data Exchange (CDX), formerly known as Tier 2, is a retailer-focused feature of the Supplement OWL. CDX facilitates business-to-business information exchange, and allows companies with product labels in the Supplement OWL to upload additional information and supporting documents about quality practices for their products for a nominal fee. The product marketer controls CDX information, and only entities with permission from the marketer will be able to view these documents. CDX documents demonstrate compliance/adherence in the following categories:

  • Evidence of Third Party CGMP Audit/Inspection
  • Finished Product Testing/Certifications
  • Product Attributes (i.e. non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free, Halal, Kosher, etc.)
  • Post Market Surveillance – AER: Letter/Statement of Compliance
  • Structure Function Claim Notification – FDA Assigned SFC Notification Number

CRN seeks to reevaluate and improve the functionality of the CDX through a member-driven pilot program.

CDX Pilot Program


To further develop and enhance the retailer-focused Commercial Data Exchange (CDX).


To provide retailers with an efficient, useful, and beneficial means of examining and evaluating supplement product labels and documentation.

How it works:

The CDX pilot program is an exclusive opportunity for CRN members to form an expert focus group and help CDX reach its full potential.

Working closely with CRN and UL, pilot program participants will take a constructive look at CDX, the document upload process, and overall feature usability. Participating companies will provide experience-based feedback on CDX to better serve both registry participants and users.

CRN applauds its members’ future-forward commitment to improving the industry from within and will waive the CDX fee for the first 500 products. Participation is limited to a maximum of 25 products per company (not brand), and is open to CRN members on a first come, first served basis.


How to participate:

Interested companies must be CRN members with existing labels in the Supplement OWL.

Sign up for the pilot program here via Google signups

You will receive an email from CRN with next steps, including a service order form. This form must be returned within 10 business days to secure your place in the program.

We've extended the program and are on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Please contact Gisele Atkinson with questions (202-204-7671) gatkinson@crnusa.org.