Thomas Aarts
Managing Director, Nutrition Business Advisors

Lorena Abarca
Senior Regulatory Associate, RB

Rend Al-Mondhiry
Senior Counsel, Amin Talati Upadhye

Jennifer Alfrey
Director Global Nutrition, Mary Kay

Donna Alvarez
Senior Regulatory Associate, RB Health

Mike Amrich
Director of Business Development, Burdock Group Consultants

Anil Andrade
Business Head, ACG North America

Stephen Ashmead
Senior Fellow, Balchem

Gisele Atkinson
VP Quality and Technical Affairs, Council For Responsible Nutrition

Jordan Balletto
Student, Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

Sarah Bangs
Regulatory Affairs Specialist II, FoodScience Corporation

Jonathan Bantz
Director, Eurofins Food Integrity and Innovation

Jeremy Bartos
Vice President, Research & Development, MeriCal

Joseph Belsito
Supervising Counsel, Amway Corporation

Tammie Betway
Office Manager & Assistant to the President, CRN

Sanford Bigelow
Principal, Vanguard Global Associates LLC

Julie Blackwell
Business Development Director, Covance/Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation

Tammy Blakemore
General Manager, SORA Labs

Mark Blumenthal
Founder / Executive Director, American Botanical Council

Paul Bolar
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmavite LLC

Jennifer Bone
Director Quality Assurance & Regulatory, SmartyPants, Inc.

Bill Bookout
President, National Animal Supplement Council

Jonathan Bortz
Director of Scientific and Commercial Development, Balchem Corporation Human Nutrition & Pharma

Jeffrey Boutelle
Chief Executive Officer, Pharmavite LLC

Jennifer Boyd
Director of Regulatory Affairs US & International, Atrium Innovations

Jeffrey Brams
GC & VP Product Development, Quality & International, Garden of Life

Loren Brown
Director, Business Development, Nutrasource

Bruce Brown
President, Natreon

Dan Brueckner
Territory Manager, Colorcon

Darian Budarick
Business Development Associate, Comet Biorefining Inc

Christine Burdick-Bell
Vice President & General Counsel, Pharmavite LLC

David Burton
Vice President, Operations, DSE Healthcare Solutions, LLC

Niki Caldwell
Senior Business Development Manager, NuLiv Science

David Campbell
VP of Regulatory Affairs and Policy, RB

Jessica Cao
VP, Sales & Marketing, Catalent

Brent Carter
VP Business Development, Carter Regulatory Group

Bill Carter
Chief Legal Officer and Global Regulatory Compliance Officer,

Sandy Chien
VP Inovative Products, HORN

David Christensen
Senior Counsel, Bayer Consumer Health

Danielle Citrolo
Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager, Kyowa Hakko USA

Timothy Clarot
Senior Vice President of R&D and Product Quality, Matrixx Initiatives

Chad Clawson
President, Nutraceutical International Corporation

Tobe Cohen
EVP, Chief Science, Technology & Innovation Officer, Pharmavite LLC

Maile Combs
Manager, Nutrition Science, The Nature's Bounty Co.

Leo Cullen
President & CEO, Kyowa Hakko USA

Nicola Daniel
Administrative Assistant, Watson Inc.

Scientific Manager (R&D), Lonza

Michael Dau
Founder and Managing Partner, Virtual Bridge Partners, LLC

Bethany Davis
Director Regulatory & Advocacy, MegaFood

Khalil Daya
General Manager, VP Business Development, DSE Healthcare Solutions

Michael DeBiasi
VP/GM – Nutritionals and Digestive Health, Bayer

Nora Dowell
VP, Corporate Quality and Regulatory Affairs, International Vitamin Corporation

Joseph Dowling
Chief Executive Officer, CV Sciences

Thomas Druke
Strategic Marketing Manger, Nutrients, Balchem Corporation

William Dumais III
Government Relations Assistant, CRN

Head of Sales - North America, BASF

Laura Egnash
Sr. Manager, Covance Laboratories

John Endres
Chief Scientific Officer, AIBMR Life Sciences, Inc.

Maya English
Senior Manager, Membership, Education & Events, CRN

Petrra Erlandson
Director of Sales & Marketing, Alkemist Labs

Maribel Esparza
Supervisor, Global Regulatory Affairs & Product Compliance, Herbalife

John Farr
Managing Director, Columbia West Capital

Michael Finamore
CEO, Gemini Pharmaceuticals

Taryn Forrelli
VP of Product, OLLY

Gregory Fortsch
Associate General Counsel & Privacy Officer, The Nature's Bounty Co.

Emily Frank
Vice President of Business Development, ZeaVision / EyePromise

Bill Frankos
Senior Corporate Advisor Product Science, Safety & Compliance, Herbalife Nutrition

Noe Galvan
Senior Director, Quality Assurance, Beachbody

Annahita Ghassemi
Director, Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

Michael Gidding
Sr Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Kaleido Biosciences, Inc.

Velvet Gogol Bennett
Global Health Care Communications, P&G

Ren Gonzalez
R&D Manager, Balchem

Justin Green
Director of Scientific Affairs, Embria Health Sciences

Michael Greene
Sr. Vice President, Government Relations, CRN

James Griffiths
VP, Scientific & International Affairs, CRN

Tom Guilliams
Vice President-Scientific Afffairs, Ortho Molecular Products

Jim Hamilton
President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Neptune Wellness Solutions

Ted Harris
President and Chief Executive Officer, Balchem Corporation

Todd Harrison
Partner, Venable LLP

daniel hassan
CEO, Physician's Seal

Steve Henig
Board Member, Biova

Brian Herf
Director, Microbiome, Plexus Worldwide

Kelli Herrlinger
Director of Clinical Research, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health

Douglas Hicks
Chief Business Officer, Vanteres, Inc

Virginia Hill
Director, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmavite, LLC

David Hilton
Director of R & D, Natrol

Andrew Hochman
Partner, RoundTable Healthcare Partners

Alan Hoffman
EVP, Herbalife Nutrition, Herbalife Nutrition

Mark Hornick
President & CEO, Jamieson Wellness Inc.

Robert Hudson
Strategic Account Program Director, TraceGains, Inc.

Jim Hyde
VP and General Manager, HNP, Balchem Corporation, Human Nutrition & Pharma

Carl Hyland
Senior Director, Membership Development, CRN

Lisa Jen
Director, Regulatory Affairs, Herbalife International

Leah Johnston
Director of Dietary Supplements, TraceGains

Patricia Jones
General Manager, Mason Vitamins, Inc.

Joy Joseph
President, Jqms

Mark Jost
Sr. Vice President, Gemini Pharmaceuticals

Kirk Jowers
EVP, Corporate Strategy and European Markets, doTERRA International

Douglas Kalman
Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Nutrasource

Harvey Kamil
Vice Chairman, The Nature's Bounty Company

Toshikazu Kamiya
Fellow, Kyowa Hakko Bio Co., Ltd.

David Keller
Consultant, Ganeden

Matthew Kemme
Chief Commercial Officer, Santa Cruz Nutritionals

James Kennedy
President, Polyphenolics, Constellation Brands, Inc.

Sandra Khouri
Vice President, Finance & Administration, Council for Responsible Nutrition

Chi Kim
Senior Director, Global Government Affairs, Herbalife Nutrition

Heili Kim
Partner, Venable LLP

Randy King
Senior Vice-President, Governance & Compliance, The Procter & Gamble Company/New Chapter

Amy Klein
Klein, Before Brands

Michael Klinker
Vice President-General Counsel, Standard Process Inc.

Joanne Lasrado
Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health

Debbie Laverty
Director, Amway

Ingrid Lebert
Senior Director, Government Relations, CRN

Brandon Lesniak
Senior Director of Global Quality, Designs for Health

Susan Levy
Founder & Principal, Susan B. Levy Consulting, LLC

Allison Levy
Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, AdvoCare International, LP

Claudia Lewis
Partner, Venable LLP

Michelle Li
VP of Innovation, Scientific Living Inc.

DeAnn Liska
Sr. Director, Biofortis Research

Christine Long
Sr. Manager, Arbonne International

Hector Lopez
Founding Partner, SSS-Nutravigilance/CAHS

Dave Lourenco
Sr. Quality Manager, Nutrawise Health & Beauty / youtheory

Elyse Lovett
Marketing Manager, Kyowa Hakko USA

Wendy Lucas
President, Country Life

James Lugo
Head of Ingredient R&D, Lonza

Cheryl Luther
General Manager Heath Sciences, NSF International

Stephanie Luu
Senior Regulatory Specialist, Herbalife

Duffy MacKay
SVP, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, CRN

Haresh Madeka
Sr. Regulatory & External Affairs Manager, BASF Corp

Daniel Marsman
Head, Product Safety, P&G Health Care

Tara Martin
General Counsel, Nutrawise Health & Beauty / youtheory

Carri Matthieu
Regulatory Affairs Manager, Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

Nathan Matusheski
Global Science Lead, Personalized Nutrition and Dietary Supplements, DSM

Michael McGuffin
President, American Herbal Products Association

Michele McRae
Sr Director Formulation, Nutranext

Lauren Medoff
Senior Counsel, AdvoCare International, LP

Yadim Medore
Founder & CEO, Pure Branding, Inc.

Scott Melville
President & CEO, Consumer Healthcare Products Association

Russell Michelson
Director - US Regulatory, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

Sam Michini
VP Marketing & Strategy, Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes

Brian Miller
Managing Partner, Linden Capital Partners

Steve Mister
President &CEO, CRN

Susan Hazels Mitmesser, PhD
Vice President, Science & Technology, Pharmavite LLC

Marcia Moll
Marketing Director, U.S. Pharmacopeia

Elaine Moreau
Director, Quality & Regulatory Affairs, Church & Dwight Canada Corp.

Diana Morgan
Head of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Care/of

Michele Muhammad
Chief Marketing Officer, DSE Healthcare Solutions, LLC

Abhijit Natu
Global Marketing, BASF

Keith Nelson
VP Quality Assurance & Regulatory, SmartyPants, Inc.

Haiuyen Nguyen
Sr. Director, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, CRN

Tony Nguyen
VP of Corporate Relations, Dyad Labs

Anita Norian
President, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health


Megan Olsen
Assistant General Counsel, CRN

Micah Osborne
President, Stratum Nutrition

Tabatha Parker
Executive Director, Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine

Theodore Peterson
President, CPG Linkages, LLC

Christina Phelps
Regulatory Policy Associate, Amway

Gretchen Powers
Senior Director, Marketing Communications, CRN

Maureen Ranney
Director Corporate Communications and External Affairs, Pharmavite

Scott Ravech
CEO, Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics

Christopher Reid
VP of Compliance and Corporate Affairs, Plexus Worldwide, LLC

Joshua Reilly
Vice President, Linden Capital Partners

Harry Rice
VP, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs, GOED

Amy Rinaldo
Attorney, Oakland Law Group

Greg Ris

Barry Ritz
Chief Scientific Officer, Atrium Innovations

Charmaine Rodriques
Advertising Claims Review Manager, Reckitt Benckiser

Steve Rosenman
Corp. VP, IVC

Zachary Rothenberg
Partner, Nelson Hardiman LLP

Patty Rude
President, Nutrawise Health & Beauty Corporation

Darren Rude
Founder/CEO, Nutrawise Health & Beauty Corporation

Pawel Rudzinski
Vice President of Global Quality, The Nature`s Bounty

Nurisha Rush
Sr. Director, DSHM, U.S. Pharmacopeia

Michael Schaeffer
Managing Director, Michael Schaeffer LLC

Howard Schiffer
Founder & President / CEO, Vitamin Angels

Pat Schneider
CEO, Biova

Aaron Secrist
Vice President of QA, NOW FOODS

Catherine Segura
Regulatory Compliance Manager, Santa Cruz Nutritionals

John Seurynck
Director & Associate General Counsel, Amway Corporation

Director, US Medical Affairs - Wellness, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

randal shaheen
Partner, Baker Hostetler

Andrew Shao
Regulatory & Policy Science Director, Amway/Nutrilite

Julia Shenkar
Senior Manager, Communications, CRN

Chase Shryoc
Vice President, GE Nutrients

Michael Simpson
CTO, Santa Cruz Nutrionals

Jay Sirois
Senior Director, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs, CHPA

Eric Smith
VP, General Manager, Human Nutrition & Pharma, Balchem Corporation

Carlyn Solomon
CEO, Santa Cruz Healthcare

Stanley Soper
SVP International, Nutraceutical International Corporation

Barbara Spallitta
Director, Regulatory & Government Affairs VMS, RB

Anjana Srivastava
Chief Science Officer & SVP, revital U International

Amy Stanfield
Senior Vice President of Operations, Vitamin Angels

Nancy Steely
Sr Director R&D/Quality, Nutrition, Arbonne International

Jill Stocki
Director, Business Development, Biofortis

Michelle Stout
Regulatory Policy Director, Amway / Nutrilite

Kenneth Strick
CHIEF LEGAL OFFICER, Glanbia Performance Nutrition

Elan Sudberg
CEO, Alkemist Labs

Patrick Sullivan
CEO, Jigsaw Health

Darryl Sullivan
Director of Industry and Regulatory Affairs, Covance Laboratories

Amy Sunderman
Director of Science & Innovation, Swanson Health Products

Anand Swaroop
President, Cepham Inc

Ashish Talati
Partner, Amin Talati Upadhye

Tom Tchang
VP Nutritional Division, Watson Inc.

Ashwini Telang
Label Claims Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmavite, LLC

Joy Titus-Young
Deputy Director, Global Stakeholder Engagement, USP

Jose Torres
Marketing Manager, Mason Vitamins, Inc.

Daniel Tracy
Director Product Regulatory Affairs, Nu Skin

Tu Tran
VP, Sales & Marketing, Pharma Tech Industries

John Travis
Senior Research Scientist, NSF International

David Trosin
Global Business Development Director - Health Sciences, NSF International

William Turney
Head of Regulatory Affairs NA, DSM Nutritional Products

Casey Vanous
Senior Director, Global Product Science & Safety, Herbalife Nutrition

John Venardos
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs,

Danielle Virant
DVP, Commercial Services, Abbott Nutrition

Holly Vogtman
Communications Associate, CRN

Jennifer Walsh
Senior Specialist Regulatory Affairs, Abbott Nutrition

Svetlana Walsh
Sr. Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Plexus Worldwide

James Watson
President, Watson Inc.

Wayne Weiner
COO, MORRE-TEC Industries, Inc.

Tyler White
Head of Global Innovation, Lonza/Capsugel

Alice Wilkinson
VP Nutritional Product Development, VP Quality, Watson Inc.

Paul Willis
CEO/President, Cypress Systems Inc

Ruth Winker
Communications Director, Jamieson Wellness Inc

Lyn Wojcik
Tufts University

Brian Wommack
Senior Vice President, Communications, CRN

Andrea Wong
VP, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Council for Responsible Nutrition

Will Woodlee
Partner, Kleinfeld, Kaplan & Becker LLP

Ed Wyszumiala
Director, USP

Nikki Yas
VP Marketing, Atrium Innovations, ATRIUM INNOVATIONS

Bibiane Zakaria
Director, Sales & Client Services, KGK Science Inc.

Peter Zambetti
Head of Global Business Development, Lonza

Kate Zemek
Product Development Manager, SmartyPants Vitamins

Allison Zolnay
Global Regulatory Manager, Amway