Elizabeth Gretkowski

Elizabeth is Senior Consultant at WSL Strategic Retail, a global consultancy that helps clients anticipate and activate change through innovative shopper-led retail strategies.  WSL publishes How America Shops®, a highly regarded survey, that since 1990, has tracked shoppers and retail, and successfully predicts where both are headed.  

Elizabeth has been an integral voice at WSL for 12 years. She manages custom consulting projects for some of the world’s largest retailers and brands in Beauty and Healthcare. Her passion, however, is all-things-wellness. She’s been an advocate of alternative therapies, functional foods, and VMS long before it became a social movement. Her keen understanding of the industry, shopper trends, and retail innovations has helped global clients see the future of retail, develop new strategies, and grow. 

As one of the world’s leading retailers says, “We trust WSL to help us look at our business through a different lens. Their insights help us anticipate the changing competitive environment, where shoppers are headed, and the opportunities that arise. They’ve helped us develop new businesses as a result.”

VIDEO: Conference attendee Stuart Tomc of CV Sciences reacts to Elizabeth Gretowksi's presentation on the 'New Rockin' Shocking World of WELL'