Mandatory Product Listing for Dietary Supplements


The Food and Drug Administration regulates dietary supplements, but it can’t fully regulate what it can’t see. With well over 50,000 different dietary supplements in the U.S. market, responsible industry leaders are calling on Congress to establish mandatory product listing of supplements to address this challenge.

"The transparency of mandatory product listing benefits all stakeholders. A publicly accessible registry of product details would enable consumers, healthcare providers, pharmacists, retailers and other stakeholders—in addition to regulators—to access information about products and their ingredients. Supplement manufacturers should support mandatory product listing to deliver on the accountability and transparency that regulators are rightly demanding and that consumers deserve," CRN's President and CEO Steve Mister explains this short video

Advancing mandatory product listing is one of CRN's priority initiatives.

Learn more about why mandatory product listing is important to the future of the dietary supplement industry, as well as other stakeholders


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