CRN-I publishes paper calling for innovative, progressive global nutrition policymaking


CRN-I calls for progressive global nutrition policymaking

Public health policymakers worldwide must progressively make health-promoting nutrition recommendations and “not let the perfect be the enemy of the good,” experts urged in a newly-published review of data presented during CRN-I’s 2020 webinar series, led by CRN’s Jim Griffiths, Ph.D.

“Science-based policy: targeted nutrition for all ages and the role of bioactives,” published in the European Journal of Nutrition, highlights select nutrient regimens most impactful to nutritional benefits over the lifecourse, including:
•    Protein and amino acids;
•    Omega-3 fatty acids; and 
•    Vitamin D.

The bottom line: “A fundamental transformation in public policies and institutions is required to ensure a future that celebrates diversity yet narrows health inequities, within and across countries,” the authors noted. 

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Careful crafting of claims key for products promoting mental health

Crafting appropriate structure/function claims for products promoting mental health can be challenging—especially in light of recent FDA actions. As CRN’s Megan Olsen and Haiuyen Nguyen advised in Natural Products Insider, “FDA has noted that anxiety disorders and depression are diseases, but has also acknowledged some symptoms may be characteristic of these diseases that can be associated with non-disease states.”

Numerous examples are available in 30-day notifications already submitted by supplement companies and in FDA guidance, Olsen and Nguyen advise. They note that FDA deemed these structure/function claims appropriate in guidance: 
•    Relieves stress and frustration 
•    Promotes relaxation 
•    Gently soothes away tension
•    When you're under occasional stress, helps you work relaxed
•    Resolving that irritability that ruins your day

According to FDA, these symptoms—stress, frustration, tension— are not long-term or chronic mood changes when talked about in general settings. The agency has objected to claims that directly mention “depression” and “anxiety disorders.” 

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