Vitamin D & Me! interview clips offer insights from leading researcher

OCTOBER 13, 2021

Vitamin D & Me! interview clips offer insights from leading researcher Dr. Ganmaa

“Supplementing children with vitamin D can reduce acute respiratory infections by 50 percent,” said Dr. Ganmaa Davaasambuu in a recent interview for the Vitamin D & Me! consumer education website. In a short highlight clip of her full interview, Dr. Ganmaa shared topline results of her vitamin D research in Mongolia, where long winters and respiratory illnesses, particularly in children, are prevalent.

Through her research, Dr. Ganmaa also found that vitamin D supplementation reduced the risk of tuberculosis infection and eczema-related complications in child populations. The full interview offers insights on:

  • How nutrients work together with vitamin D

  • Impact of vitamin D on acute respiratory diseases like pneumonia

  • Key differences between Mongolian and North American diets that impact vitamin D status—and what we can learn from each culture

  • The relationship between disease and vitamin D deficiency

Through the Vitamin D & Me! initiative, the CRN Foundation is delivering unbiased education on the latest science to help people make smarter decisions to maintain their health, focusing on U.S. consumers 55 and older. The website features summaries of key research on vitamin D and COVID-19, interviews with scientific experts, educational information on what vitamin D means to health status, and vitamin D in the news

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