CRN Daily Supplement: Executive Engagement brings new execs up to speed

NOVEMBER 19, 2021

New to supplements? Dec. 14 Executive Engagement brings new execs up to speed

Senior executives new to the dietary supplement industry—or still feeling new—are invited to attend CRN's Executive Engagement virtual event on Dec. 14, from 12–4 pm ET.

Experts from CRN's staff will provide an introduction to many of the distinctive challenges of the supplement industry, regulatory framework, and the unique consumer marketplace it presents. The agenda will cover:

Register here. Contact Carl Hyland with questions.

Lief Labs reports on supply chain delays from Port of Long Beach

What’s the latest on supply chain disruptions and delays? CRN associate member company Lief Labs recently shared on-the-dock insights about cargo backups at the Port of Long Beach.

Ship traffic jam: Lief Labs reported that even with operations running 24/7, bottlenecks at the port have resulted in long lines of cargo ships anchoring in open water for extended periods of time.

Do the math: The average cargo ship carries roughly 13,000 containers, Lief Labs noted. Each docking station crane takes two minutes to unload one container from the ship.

By land and sea: Once unloaded, most containers are then transferred to a truck and transported to a final destination. Lief Labs pointed out that the increased number of containers combined with trucking industry labor shortages has significantly slowed this process.

Read Lief Labs’ full report from the Port of Long Beach here.