Associate Member Spotlight: How RCTs yield marketing success for the dietary supplement industry

FEBRUARY 1, 2024

How RCTs yield marketing success for the dietary supplement industry

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In the dietary supplement saturated landscape, standing out demands more than flashy packaging—it requires evidence. Consumers prioritizing health and safety want products supported by scientifically validated data.

Enter Radicle Science, a B-corp providing innovative approaches to clinical trials transforming evidence into marketing success.

  • Consider their client, MDbio - The Doctor’s Brand, whose clinical trial involving 620 participants, showcased statistically significant enhancements in sleep quality, anxiety, stress, and well-being against placebo. Published in a peer-reviewed journal, these results bestowed scientific and medical credibility upon their product, MDsleep.

As consumers navigate dubious claims, MDsleep's verifiable trial outcomes serve as unique selling propositions. Beyond differentiation and trust-building, trial results garner media exposure.

  • Published in reputable journals, outcomes become press coverage catalysts and organic social media discussions amplifying the product's credibility and brand awareness. The distinguishing “clinically proven” tag shapes a robust product development process contributing to increased sales.

Dietary supplement clinical trials are poised to expand, offering not only individual company benefits, but the collective elevation of credibility and transparency for the category.

Go deeper: Access a complimentary copy of the MDbio case study.

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