2024 Achievements

Q2 2024: Advancing our members' First Amendment rights, educating health care, nutrition and policy leaders about supplements, and more

CRN led the industry in its strategically executed fight against an unconstitutional age restriction law that took effect in New York in April. In addition, the CRN team continued its work educating influential stakeholders about the value of dietary supplements in the second quarter.  Following is a brief recap of CRN’s impactful work for its members during Q2 in each of the areas of our strategic plan.

Q1 2024: Thoughtful execution of legal strategy, elevation of industry reputation, and more

CRN’s thoughtful and expert execution of work driven by our board-developed strategic plan was well underway in the first quarter as the dietary supplement and functional food industry faced impending age restrictions on its products in New York, with other states also seeking to fill perceived gaps in regulation, and ongoing scrutiny from critics over melatonin and gummy supplements.