CRN's Day in Sacramento 2019

Event Start Date
May 08, 2019
Event End Date
May 08, 2019
Sacramento, California

CRN members, join us in the Golden State to talk about the benefits of dietary supplements and the importance of these products to constituents' health and wellness, as well as to the economy. Teams will also discuss relevant legislation in play. 

Do you have operations and interests in California?

Plan to attend our annual state advocacy event!


Why California?

  • Most populous state in the US with the 5th largest economy in the world.
  • Activist state with a Democratic supermajority—legislation here moves quickly!
  • Over 2,500 bills introduced this year alone!
  • What California does, other states are likely to follow suit.

Policy priorities important to YOU

  • AB 1178—proposed legislation on labeling of and quantifying microorganisms in probiotics
  • Proposition 65—the 1986 California ballot referendum that continues to add regulatory requirements in the state
    Note: negotiations continue on legislation limiting right of action to reputable 501(c)(3) organizations 
  • AB 1080 / SB 54—most significant single-use packaging reform ever; requires source reduce and recycle 75% of single-use packaging and products by 2030

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