New Research Associates Vitamin D Supplementation with 16% Decrease in Cancer Death Risk

Washington, D.C., August 16, 2019 – In response to a new systematic review and meta-analysis, “Association between vitamin D supplementation and mortality: systematic review and meta-analysis,” published online August 12 in the British Medical Journal, the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the leading trade association for the dietary supplement and functional food industry, issued the following statement:

Statement by Andrea Wong, Ph.D., vice president, scientific & regulatory affairs:

“Scientific evidence demonstrating the benefits of vitamin D continues to grow, and this new research, which finds an association between vitamin D supplementation and reduced risk of cancer death, is no exception. CRN considers the newest findings to be promising, and we strongly encourage further investigations into the association between vitamin D and this particular outcome.

Cancer is complex and multifactorial. Taking a long-term, comprehensive approach in consultation with a healthcare practitioner is what contributes the most to disease prevention. Optimal nutrition is only one component of many. 

Everyone, at any life stage, has a nutritional need for vitamin D. It is an essential nutrient, critical to overall health, and yet most people do not get enough, which is why the most recent Dietary Guidelines identified vitamin D as a nutrient of public health concern. Additionally, the prevalence of vitamin D shortfalls—and the adverse health outcomes affiliated with under-consumption of this nutrient—is why so many healthcare practitioners recommend their patients take a vitamin D supplement. 

Taking vitamin D supplements is a safe and appropriate way to achieve healthy levels, especially because vitamin D is not easily obtained through food alone. CRN encourages consumers to have their serum vitamin D levels checked, and to consult with their doctor or other healthcare practitioner about the role supplementation plays in their overall health and wellness regimen.”

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