Policy Priorities

Expanding access to dietary supplements

CRN will work to expand access to better nutrition and nutrition education to all Americans through government programs, industry initiatives and consumer education. Did you know, most people who have flexible spending or health savings accounts think supplements should be covered as “medical expenses.”

Making progress toward DSHEA modernization

CRN will advance changes to DSHEA that preserve the balance between access and safety but update the law with new tools, better clarity and industry protections that assure a level playing field for responsible firms and preserve consumer access.

Addressing drug preclusion

CRN will examine revisions to the drug preclusion provision, advocate for changes in FDA’s interpretation, and advocate for Congress to revise the section to clarify its limited scope. We will address impacts on specific ingredients and its application generally to the supplement marketplace. Learn more about how CRN is addressing drug preclusion.


Optimizing FDA reorganization

CRN will use this opportunity to advocate for more appropriate attention and resources directed to dietary supplement oversight that appropriately prioritizes public safety issues and efficiently deploys FDA resources for more effective regulation of the industry.

Preparing for the final NDI Guidance

CRN will prepare for the release of these materials, assist our members with compliance, and advocate for changes as appropriate with the direction from our members.

Developing solutions for state-level age restrictions

CRN will oppose restrictions that are not scientifically supported, but engage to achieve rational measures where necessary.

Engaging on sustainability solutions

CRN will provide our members with resources to implement their ESG goals and to comply with federal, state and local requirements. Following their direction, we will advocate on these issues on their behalf.

Creating a legal pathway for CBD

CRN will work with Congress to legislate a pathway for CBD as a dietary ingredient—being wary of a new regulatory category that could undermine DSHEA and set precedent for other ingredients.

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