Things to Know Before You Go—Virtual!

Your checklist to prepare for CRN's 2020 annual events:  SCIENCE in Session and NOW, NEW, NEXT.

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 Invite a friend or colleague

We're so glad you will join us for our first ever virtual events! Thank you for setting aside the time to share in this experience with CRN. If there are any friends at your workplace or other industry colleagues, customers, clients who you think might benefit from CRN's quality content and opportunities to connect, please invite them to register and meet you in one of our online networking venues—read on to learn more.

 Plan to engage

Take a few minutes to check out the RSVP list of attendees as well as the opportunities for networking with your industry colleagues in our fun, relaxed themed rooms provided by our sponsors as well as CRN. And listen up to those keynote speakers to be part of the conversation during our discussion sessions.

Substantive discussion:


Social networking and entertainment:

And, the platform also allow you to set up one-on-one meetings (learn more during our open house—more on that below).


  Check your tech

CRN’s virtual event will be held on Eventfinity, which is a web-based platform. It includes an in-browser video chat that allows for easy video chatting, which does not require any downloads. For the best user experience, please use a Windows or Mac computer. Mobile is not suggested, as it is not supported in some areas within the platform. The platform works across all browsers, but is optimized for Google Chrome and Firefox. The latest version of Chrome/Firefox are recommended.

Users will need to make sure that their computer’s camera, microphone, and sound are enabled—especially on corporate Windows devices. Users will also need to make sure that their camera, microphone, and sound are enabled on their browser and give permissions to the platform. Typically, users will be prompted "allow" for these permissions when entering a room. If the user selects "deny" to these permissions, they will be unable to see, hear, or speak to others in the room.

Click here to test your system


 Preview the platform during our Open House: Click here for the webinar recording.

Tour our Evenfinity conference platform so you’ll know your way around when the conference starts. Learn:

  • where to access sessions and activities
  • how to update your profile and 
  • how to schedule one-on-one appointments
  • where to find our sponsors

Once you receive your own login details (if you registered by Oct. 8 you should have already received), please set up a profile, browse attendees on the platform, and schedule one-on-one meetings. Be sure to upload your photo and complete your profile as your first steps after logging in and changing your password.


 Review these webcam tips

  • Put light in front of you
  • Place camera at eye level
  • Have appropriate distance from camera (use palm technique for measurement)
  • Be aware of your background


 Check your mail

For NOW, NEW, NEXT attendees who registered by 9/25: You should receive your "Complete Experience Conference Kit" soon if you have not already. Keep an eye out for it—or open and explore if it's arrived. You'll find swag to help you make the most of your time online with us—including Starbucks gift cards, a commemorative wine glass, fitness bands for the Kyowa Hakko Thursday morning workout, and much more!


 Thank our sponsors

Don't forget to check out the sponsor pages on our Eventfinity platform when it opens.