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  • To position the responsible dietary supplement industry positively by focusing on the popularity, benefits, quality and safety of dietary supplement and functional food products. 
  • To build and maintain relationships between your dietary supplement company and legislators, and to identify supporters, future friends and champions for the dietary supplement industry. 
  • To highlight the mainstream status of dietary supplements, and how members' products play an important role in smart prevention. 
  • To remind Congress that the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) is working and that dietary supplements are safe, regulated and beneficial. 


The following information will help prepare you for CRN/AHPA's Day on the Hill 2018 on Wednesday, June 13

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Instructions for downloading the CRN GR app for iOS and Android

Map of Capitol Hill

Guide and Helpful Hints for Lobbying Congress

Map of Jefferson Building

Day-of Information ~ AVAILABLE NOW!

Messages and Materials for Congressional Meetings

Additional Background for Review