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We are pleased to welcome you to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, the leading trade association of the dietary supplement industry, as an employee of one of our member companies

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Companies that join CRN can link as many of their employees as they wish to membership benefits, so feel free to share this information with your company colleagues—we encourage it!

Please bookmark this page as it references information to help you get engaged and stay plugged in to all CRN has to offer.


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In addition, we wanted to make sure you saw our 2021 annual report, "A Whole Different Way to Look at Wellness"—our 2022 report will publish soon.


Thank you for your membership and please reach out us if you need any assistance!

Maya English, Senior Director, Membership, Education and Events

Gretchen PowersVice President, Marketing and Member Experience


Start up your engagement in 5 steps

Once you are in CRN's database as a member (contact Maya or Gretchen to be added) you should start receiving our CRN Daily Supplement newsletter via email (archived highlights appear here, but the best place to get the full edition is via our app/email)—please let us know if you are not receiving it—info on safelisting CRN emails is here, and we’re happy to help with additional follow up. It's best to be sure an safelist "" to receive the newsletter). 

You can now follow the steps below to set up your password for our Members Only website and to use to log in to the CRN Connect app—which we highly encourage you to download and use. 

After that, you'll find some additional info on how to sign up for CRN committees, working groups and task forces, as well!

1. Click the LOG IN button on CRN's website


2. Set up your password

You will receive an email that looks like this with a password reset link. Click that link to reset your password.


3. Get your CRN Member logo and explore CRN Member Groups on key areas of interest

Once logged in, you can check out CRN's members-only content—including CRN Member logos you can use to spotlight your standing as a leading responsible company in the supplement industry—and details on CRN’s Committees, Working Groups, and Task Forces.

Participation in CRN's member groups is one of the best ways to make the most of your membership. Your degree of commitment and participation is your choice—stay updated with messages, attend virtual meetings, provide your feedback on CRN initiatives, or any combination. 

Standing committees include:

In addition CRN offers several working groups and task forces, such as:


4. Sign up for the CRN Member Groups of your choice

Via “Resources” using the member portal on the CRN Connect app, self-select the CRN Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces you may wish to participate in. See a short video here

You can also do this on your desktop via the website portal here once you set up your password, then visit the Committee Preferences tab to make your choices.

Here’s where to find the link to the portal on our website (it does ask that you enter your log-in credentials again, so please re-enter that information):

Next, you can choose your CRN Member Groups. By choosing your committees, working groups and task forces, you can filter your newsfeed on the CRN Connect app to show only that content for your chosen groups. 

Learn more about the app and its personalized newsfeed through videos available here.

Please note that while you can add yourself to the open committees, working groups and task forces, you will need assistance if you would like to be removed from any of these lists—please contact Maya English or Gretchen Powers.


5. Participate in the next virtual meeting of your groups

After signing up for one of CRN's member groups, you will receive updates via the CRN Connect app in your newsfeed as well as via email. These include invitations to virtual meetings to discuss hot topics, hear from guest speakers, and more. The CRN Connect app makes it easy to track your personal schedule of CRN and industry events.

Thank you for your membership in CRN!

Please let us know if you need any assistance—we’d be happy to help!

Gretchen Powers, CRN Vice President, Marketing and Member Experience, would be glad to hop on a call to walk you through anything or answer questions about CRN and the services available to you!