Press Releases

Council for Responsible Nutrition Welcomes Diverse,
Innovative Companies to Member Roster 

May 6, 2024 – CRN announces the addition of seven new members to its global roster. This growth reflects CRN’s dedication to convening an array of leading industry stakeholders, united in a commitment to the highest ethical principles in their dealings with customers, suppliers, competitors, regulators, and consumers, as established in the association’s Code of Ethics.

Federal Court in NY Recognizes CRN Has ‘Standing’ to Sue in Age Restriction Case

APRIL 22, 2024 – CRN announced today that a federal judge in New York State's age restriction law case ruled that the association has standing to sue on behalf of its members, allowing the case to move forward. A motion for a preliminary injunction that would have delayed the law from going into effect was, however, denied late Friday.

Council for Responsible Nutrition Files Lawsuit Challenging Unconstitutional Law That Restricts Access to Health Products

MARCH 13, 2024 – CRN today announced the filing of a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a recently enacted New York law that would restrict consumer access to safe and beneficial health products. The suit seeks an injunction to prohibit the enforcement of new age-based restrictions on the purchase of certain dietary supplements in the state of New York.