Ethical Principles

Responsible business practices enhance entire marketplace

CRN and its members should recognize that the credibility of individual companies and of the dietary supplement and functional food industry as a whole depends upon fairness in the marketplace, with respect to individual consumers, the public at large, government agencies, state and federal legislatures, the professional and academic communities, and fellow members of the industry and its supporting suppliers.

Responsible industry promotes regulatory compliance and improvement

CRN and its members recognize the important role of laws and regulations, and the state and federal agencies that implement them, to assure that the best interests of the public are promoted and protected. Although CRN may on occasion advocate for changes in those laws that are inconsistent with the best interests of the public and the industry, CRN members should adhere to all relevant laws and regulations while they are in place.

Responsible industry supports research to improve public health

CRN and its members should support nutrition research and education, including the role of the federal government in conducting research, on the relationships between the use of dietary supplements and/or functional food and health outcomes in order to expand scientific information and knowledge about the role of safe and beneficial dietary supplements and functional food as nutrition sources and for improving personal and public health.